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Social media/news-aholic? Connect with your inner self and source FIRST!

A really important post on the importance of self-care right now:

Firstly, there is a LOT of intense energy emanating from the US at the moment. We all take turns holding the baton for the shifting and transformation of this world. We all have our issues that need to be cleared and released. We do this personally, we do this as family groups, as local communities, we do this as individual nations, and we do this as a humanity on one Earth. That clearing has a ripple affect on everyone around us. At first it can feel chaotic, but the churning of the waters precedes the long-term, bigger picture, of a new, clean space.

A lot of us these days are in the habit of reaching for our phones as soon as we wake up to check in with what's happened overnight. Within a few minutes we are bombarded by information and external energy, from our social media feeds to emails and texts and calls. Our energy and emotions can become frazzled and overwhelmed before we've even touched the floor!

Anxiety has been a big issue for a lot of people over the past fortnight. Yesterday was a doozy, I found myself just not being able to focus at all. Some of that is a result of our increasing sensitivity to the emotions and energy of others, even if those others are on the other side of the world. Energy has no time-space, kind of like when you are talking to someone in another country, it feels like they are right there. It is also a result of our increased, immediate connection via social media as well as the various websites we visit. We are seeing and hearing everything that is happening everywhere, we are reading comments and opinions, and we are FEELING SO MUCH of all of that.

As an information-aholic I find myself automatically wanting to reach for the phone in the morning, to see what has happened overnight. Meanwhile my inner guidance and the way I feel afterward are clearly saying stop doing this! Something that has helped me is starting a practice of daily morning yoga before I check in to anything external, anywhere from 10-30 min right here in my lounge room. It helps me start my day with a clear head and clear energy, and makes a massive difference to my emotional and mental state for the rest of the day. It is from that clear space that you can be of much better help to anyone around you.

So I highly encourage you to connect with your self, your inner source and higher source first thing, in whatever way you want to do that, before you connect with the external field. Otherwise, if the external field connects with you first before you have connected to you, then that external field will envelop you and often determine your emotional state for the day. Go out into the world with a strong, centred YOU. That's how you can best shine your light outward, rather than the outside bearing down on you and making you want to curl into a ball!

Feed yourself first, then do what you need to do and read what you need to read. Whether it's 2 minutes of eyes closed, focusing on your breath, a longer meditation, some journalling, yoga, a cup of tea, a morning walk or run, find what feels good for you and make that your inner fuel stop each day before checking in to the outside world.

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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