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Quick intro to Let Love In: Watch video!

You will receive:



          28 Steps over 56 Days


                            Four stages


               One new step every second day




1. A different topic covered with each step:


  • Reading material offering insights and examples to help deepen your understanding of that step's topic. 

  • Journalling exercises, empowering you to gain insights for yourself from within yourself


2. Guided meditations:


  • Each of the four stages include a MP3 audio meditation connected to the relevant theme 

  • Download it onto your favourite device and listen to it anytime, as many times as you like. 


3. Powerful ritual processes:


  • Whether it is finding yourself a piece of jewellery representing your committment to yourself, or immersing in a letter-burning ritual, these processes WILL shift your energy! 

Are you ready to let go of recurring relationship patterns and issues?


Do you want to have a healthier connection with your current or future partner, where you let more love in and experience a deeper emotional and physical intimacy?


Are you prepared to base this relationship on a strong, loving, more conscious relationship with your own self?


If you answered yes, yes, yes, this course has been created for you!


The course was designed to help you shake up and shift out any lingering patterns that you are ready to clear related to love, allowing you to let in the kind of relationship you deserve.


It is ideal for those looking for love, and those currently in relationship who want to sweep out any issues getting in the way of a healthier, happier, stronger, more loving connection. 



4. Five pre-recorded Video Webcasts

  • Each video webcast includes a guided meditation ushering in the theme of each new stage as well as a chat about the topics to be covered.  

5. PDF of the course content:


  • At the end of the course receive a PDF E-book of entire course content

I want to know more!
What topics do I cover in each step?

“So so so glad I did this course - it has changed my life.” – Jackie, Australia.


“Thank you SO much for your care and attention and the high calibre of the course. It is extraordinary and I have learned so much.” – Diana, New Zealand.


"I want every person I know to do this course. It hits every level…it has changed me.” – Michelle, Sweden.


“The course has opened me up like never love love.” – MJ, Australia


“Thank you Dana for your brilliance in putting all this together in a way that was gentle and (self) accepting. There was so much revealed that could have rocked me off course and yet your pacing throughout the course was one that allowed for the introspection which was necessary to absorb the many insights, while also included a subtle prodding to uncover more and more.” – Elyce, USA

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