Covid-19: An astrological and energetic perspective

Looking at the energy around the global Covid-19 situation is like standing in front of a giant washing machine packed with all sorts of clothes, created from all sorts of materials, from smooth pink chiffon to rough grey fleece, spinning at full speed and trying to decipher what’s in there. There’s so much going on, with so many consequences, potentials and hidden hands. The rapid rate at which things are unfolding is head-spinning – which is crazy to write seeing as usually we’re asking “Why is this shift taking so long?!!” Society as we know it has been disrupted, paused, postponed, cancelled. Not just in one city or in a far-off country. This is happening everywhere, to everyone. We are

Mars activating Eclipse

A heads up for the coming days: on Monday Mars will be opposite the degree of the Jan 10/11, 20 deg Cancer Lunar Eclipse. When Mars travels on or opposite the degree of a recent Eclipse it tends to trigger/activate events connected to that Eclipse. Take a look at what was happening in that window up to a week before and a week after. A “part B” might be happening around now through next week. Sometimes nothing significant happened during the eclipse to your knowledge but things were happening behind the scenes. If that was the case it’s Mars that will reveal all. That eclipse had Uranus turning direct at the same time so an element of shock can feature. The big Saturn/Pluto conjunction was t

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