Remember who you are: Now is the time

Starseeds 🌟 Indigos 🌟 LightWarriors🌟 Truthspeakers 🌟 You have prepared your whole life for this time, and for what’s to come ✊🏽❤️ Go within, connect with your strong inner core, use it as your centre of gravity Connect with your highest and deepest source of truth, love and Creation You will know what to do, each step of the way When to help, what to say Trust yourself You can do this You are not alone Remember who you are Do what you came here to do Be who you came here to be Now is the time ❤️🌎✨ (c) Dana Mrkich 2020 SUPPORT TOOLS Soul Sessions Sessions available via Zoom for clarity, guidance and mentoring Social Media Lives Please subscribe to my newsletter to stay updated w

Out of Shadows

If you've been despairing that Timeline 1 (power and control based, artificial, illusions/deception, cabal etc) is so in our face right now, know that they are in our face because Timeline 2 (heart and soul based, authentic, truth-revealing/transparency, we the people etc) is in their face. This isn't about pitting polarities against each other. Within timeline 2 we have perfect free will to feel ALL the things, happy, sad, up, down, masculine, feminine - there's nothing wrong with polarities. Earth herself needs winter/summer, day/night, it's all necessary for balance. This is about choosing to evolve beyond a timeline where we have been controlled without our conscious awareness for thousa

Our Shadow Walk

A shadow is created when there is a source of Light and an object that is blocking that Light. The closer the source of Light is to the object, the bigger the Shadow. For those who have read my latest energy report, I talk about the Tale of Two Timelines. As the two timelines start getting closer and closer together, (let's call it the Light and the Object) the bigger the shadow gets. These two timelines are like two cars, neck and neck, almost within a hair of each other. There is only one highway lane ahead, and they both want it. Eventually one timeline has to win out. The closer we get to this fork in the road, the closer the "Light" timeline gets to the "Object" timeline, and the bigger

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