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Wheel of Life
Online Workshop

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$49 AUD

(approx $33 USD)

This Workshop was recorded Live and is now available for you to do anytime.


Your pack includes:

  • Recording of the full 90 minute Wheel of Life Workshop

  • PDF Handouts for the Wheel of Life + Journalling Prompts for a Values Review

  • Access to email Dana with any Q&A that comes up during your workshop


  • Deep breathing exercise to get present

  • Create your Wheel of Life

  • Review your Golden Triangle: Conscious intentions, subconscious influences, practical actions, soul truth, collective influences

  • Journalling Prompts

  • Support strategies: Scheduling, boundary setting and accountability

  • Future Self Guided Meditation

You'll need: Blank Paper, Journal, Coloured pencils/crayons

Wheel of Life.png

In this Workshop you will create your own Wheel of Life and assess:


  • How fulfilled do you feel in each aspect of your life? 

  • What are your goals for different life areas?

  • What action steps do you need to take?

  • What will help you to find fulfillment in each life area NOW

Why do 80% of New Year's Resolutions fail?

* Committing to too much too quickly: you can't go from 0-100 and hope to sustain that level of rapid change.

* Lack of planning: any change asks you to re-shuffle your current habits, schedule or routine which takes mental and physical preparation

* Inner saboteurs: you can hold subconscious beliefs that contradict what you want (or what you say you want)

* Challenges around asserting needs, boundaries or asking for help

* Lack of accountability or measurable mini-goals

This workshop will help you to move through these common issues.

$49 AUD

(approx $33 USD)

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