Reality vs Reality Show

Neo, Matrix Reloaded There is an old parable that goes something like this. A man was walking toward a town. He came across an old, wise man and asked him: “What are the people like here?” The wise man replied, “What were the people like in the last town you were in?” “They were good, kind and helpful.” “Ah,” said the old man. “The people in this town are like that too.” The man happily entered the town, looking forward to it. Another man walked toward the town, and he too came across the old, wise man. He also asked the question, “What are the people like here?” Again the wise man replied, “What were they like in the last town you were in?” “They were mean, angry and hurtful!” “Ah,” said th

Plutonic Lunar Eclipse

This week's Lunar Eclipse was right next to Pluto. Pluto is the deep scuba-diver who will take you to the midnight zone, that part of the ocean where there is no light, it's very cold and can make a person feel like they could die. Why would Pluto take you on such a trip? In the midnight zone we have parts of ourselves that have been buried for too long. Aspects that need to wake up. Sometimes life has to do something drastic to wake those parts up. So, if something is happening that is making you feel like you're walking through the underworld, take out your flashlight. Ask: why am I here? What does Pluto want me to retrieve? What part of myself is here that is ready to be brought to the su

Lunar Eclipse and The Sandman

Today we had a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn (24 degrees), with Pluto almost right alongside it (22 degrees) adding to the emotional intensity. Lunar Eclipses reveal things. They bring hidden influences to the surface – emotions, insights, secrets. They are associated with endings and letting go – of habits, patterns, wounds, dreams or even people. A Lunar Eclipse can feel like a Full Moon x 100 so if you’re a sensitive person you might be feeling particularly on edge this week – some people feel it a couple days prior, others in the couple of days following. Tips: As always, deep, slow breaths help to calm and soothe. Being in nature, being in water, doing things that feel nurturing. If you’re

Eclipses, Earthquakes and Epstein

On July 2, the US had a Solar Eclipse on their Natal Sun, indicating that something would happen on or around that day that would significantly impact the essence of the country. The Sun represents who you really are at the very core of your being – your most authentic self. It also represents your ego, which depending on how you express it can make you exude confidence in a healthy way, or make you self-centred with no regard for others. So with the US, we’re going to see the Core Collective Self of the country have false masks come off, so that the more authentic Soul can shine through. We’ll get into a really good example of this with the Epstein news further below. If anyone or anything

July Solar Eclipse: Feeling safe and protected

This week’s Solar Eclipse in Cancer is happening pre-dawn July 3 for Australia, and July 2 for most of the rest of the world. Cancer represents the Mother, and the Feminine. This sign is all about what makes you feel safe, protected and nurtured. These topics might be on your mind a lot more this week/this month. You’ll have a stronger sense of what makes you feel safe, protected and nurtured, and what doesn’t. Some of you will feel compelled to take action to move toward what does – and ditch what doesn’t. In some cases the eclipse will do much of the work for you. That is, eclipses are times when fated events happen to accelerate our life path. People enter or exit our lives, doors open

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