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“Let Love In is everything it says it is… and so much more. Dana is inspiring; the content is well delivered, thought provoking and meaningful, and the group support was ideal for those who wanted to share in this aspect.


I loved being a part of this. I learnt things that are benefiting me right now and I see already how they will make a difference in my future.  This really is life changing.” – Deanne, Australia.

“The course content is clear and although sometimes confronting, I always felt safe and like this was exactly what I should be doing to move forward.


I am truly, madly, deeply in love with myself and this beautiful world we live in!” – Fiona, Australia

              Stage 1: Connecting with self



Step 1: Wholeness

With 'wholeness' as our foundation rather than 'wounds', it significantly shifts the kind of relationship you attract and the dynamic you daily create with each other.


Step 2: Intimacy = Into me see

You want to feel safe in showing your kaleidoscope of wholeness to someone, which consists of a whole cast of characters and related issues.


Step 3: Your shadow

People often assume that our shadow only includes the qualities within us that we don't like, but our shadow also includes much of our potential that we haven't been ready to own.


Step 4: Reclaiming your self

Whether we are looking to find part of ourselves via another, or are fearing the loss of some part of ourselves due to another, it is often because we aren't fully connected to certain aspects of ourselves.


Step 5: Letting love in

If you are not in a relationship right now, it is because there is an aspect of you that, for one reason or other, does not want to be.

If you are currently in a relationship, there can still be aspects of you that are rebelling against commitment and/or pushing away deeper intimacy. These can be confronting thoughts, but they are also empowering ones.


Step 6: Self-image Meditation

In this meditation you are going to meet a shadow aspect of your self-image.


Step 7: Committment to self

When we find someone we want to spend our lives with we make a commitment of some kind, be that a private commitment spoken between the two of you or a marriage ceremony with paper-signing and rings to represent your union. In this ritual we will create or gift ourselves with something to represent a commitment to our own self!

              Stage 2: Clearing your past



Step 8: Parent healing

Our mother, father and/or primary care-providers have a large influence on our subconscious imprint when it comes to creating a picture of what God/Goddess, man/woman, masculine/feminine is supposed to feel and be like.  


Step 9: Inner child

Our inner child is often trying to finish some unfinished business from childhood, or trying to get some need met that we didn't get met, and we're trying to do that via our partners. 


Step 10: Parenting your self

Ultimately, we have to learn to be our own parent and give ourselves what we feel we never received. We can then be a vibrational match for allowing what we truly want and deserve to receive in a healthy adult relationship.


Step 11: Your new emotional frequency

We want to be really clear with the new emotional frequency benchmark we have set for ourselves.  


Step 12: Past life and ancestral clearing

Whether our cellular stories are from our own soul history, our collective soul history, or our ancestral line, the fascinating fact is that we have all of these stories in our cells with some of us hugely benefiting us, while others are hindering us without our conscious knowledge.


Step 13: Past life Meditation

You are going to go to a past life that will give you insight into your relationship patterns and provide a message for your movement forward.


Step 14: Letting go letter writing

This is a powerful ritual. You are going to write letters to everyone you have had a relationship or sexual connection with, and then burn those letters in a sacred way. This process shifts a lot of energy, both physically in your body, and emotionally in your energy field.

             Stage 3: Reviewing your present



Step 15: Your love shop

Do you ever feel like you have a sign on your forehead that says "All unavailable people please come to me" or "Don't support me, I'll support you" or some other sentence that would really explain a lot about either the patterns you have repeated in the past, or the dynamics that occur over again in your present relationship? Find out what your sign is saying - and how to create a new one!


Step 16: Be clear on what you want and deserve

Who is showing up in your life as a mate or potential mate? Are they in alignment with your true needs, values, dreams and desires?


Step 17: You are someone's soulmate

Just as you are looking for your right mate, your right mate is looking for you - or they are with you right now wanting to connect with you just as much as you are wanting to connect with them.


Step 18: What is your fear?

Our fear can seem overwhelming, so much so that it can make us decide we aren't going to press play on our love movie, or we're going to press pause regularly or indefinitely.


Step 19: Inner masculine and feminine

As a result of our personal/soul experiences, family patterns, and societal influences, these two energetic aspects of us often resemble a couple in need of serious relationship mediation and individual healing, rather than representations of the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine, which is what they truly are.

Step 20: Masculine and feminine Meditation

In this meditation you will go on a journey to meet your inner masculine and inner feminine.


Step 21: Date with Self

Time for a cuppa with your self, and some love letter writing!

             Stage 4: Creating your future



Step 22: The Universe knows where you live

We talk fate and destiny when it comes to meeting your one, refreshing an otherwise failing relationship, or releasing it in a conscious way so that you can move forward into the new in a healthy way with a clear heart.


Step 23: No to the old, yes to the new

It is often the case that new 'emotional frequency' commitments almost always initially attract old patterns popping up along with old love interests! Saying no to what you don't want is a way of saying yes to what you do want.


Step 24: Communication and being true to yourself

At the root of so many relationship issues are our fears and blocks around communication. Make an inner commitment to have the courage to communicate with your partner regularly, openly and honestly.


Step 25: Get into the Zone

It is the frequency we can all access, and live in, anytime where everything is possible, and everything already exists. Not everything is right for us, not everything is meant for us - but for that which is right for us and meant for us: it's all happening in the Zone!


Step 26: Magic Zhoozh

Your body and natural intuition know more than you realise. Call it Feng Shui, call it Magic Zhooozh, call it whatever you like; the suggestions you receive today are all things that definitely help your love life flow!


Step 27: Future self Meditation

Here is where you will meet your future self, the one that exists on the best possible future timeline for your current life.


Step 28: Vision Board

Vision Boards keep your conscious energy focused on what it is you would like to create in your life. A Vision Board is a daily in-your-face reminder 'This is what I want. This is what is coming.'


"Thank you for the gift of this course! The relationship I have birthed with myself/soul has been the greatest gift of all."  - Patrice, Australia


“Just wanted to thank you Dana for an amazing class, so many shifts and wonderful changes have been put in motion from Day 1, and thanks to everyone who posted during the course, it's been such a blessing to be able to read each of your insights (I was too overwhelmed processing my own to share) but feel so great surrounded by such courageously open people, you have all been a huge inspiration.” – Michele, USA

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