Home: your place to rest and recharge

It was so good to sit down with Cristiana Fernandes, owner of Spaces + Senses for our first She Fire guest interview! It's been 10 years since my last radio show and I forgot how much I love getting other people's knowledge and wisdom out into the world! There are so many pearls of insights in this chat. Cris is passionate about helping people create homes that are spaces of nurturing, connection with those you love, and functionality. She has ways of looking at a home that most people don't consider. "Every home deserves to be looked after because homes are the places where we look after ourselves" 💛 - Cris Fernandes, Spaces and Senses Cris talks about how it's often suggested for people t

Equinox: Peace, Harmony and Balance

Happy Equinox ✨ Today we have a 12 hour day and 12 hour night, a day of perfect balance before moving into the longer days and nights leading to summer and winter depending on your hemisphere 🌎 It's also a Full Moon on 0 degrees Libra and interestingly enough the April 19 Full Moon will also be in Libra this time at the very last degree- 29 degrees. Libra is about creating balance, peace and harmony, with relationships as the vehicle: personal, community and collective. ❤️💗💚 So there is a powerful window here between these 2 full moons to really look at how you are cultivating peace, harmony and balance in your own life and influencing the relationships around you. 🙏🏽 Start the day by c

Plug into your inner news source

Do you notice that every mainstream news source (television, radio, newspaper, online news sources), ALL have the same talking points and news items each day? It can be really hard to avoid getting swept up in the latest news story, even if you don't read/watch mainstream news! It pops up on your social media feed, your phone and your computer constantly. On the one hand it's good to be informed. On the other, our collective emotions are being triggered and directed daily. Something I recommend is plug into your inner news source before you plug into external news sources. That is: In the morning when you wake up, BEFORE you reach for your phone and start checking emails/social media/news ta

Womb Consciousness

“A number of womb sites across the world were aligned to the constellation of Cygnus – the celestial swan – said to be the vulva and Womb of the Cosmic Mother, and the celestial origin of our species. Shamanic journeys into Womb Consciousness often involved flying on the back of a magical swan or swan barge into the primordial center of the black hole for a wisdom initiation of death and rebirth. Womb priestesses and shamans wore ritual swan feathers or magnificent white swan cloaks for this journey, later remembered as the shamanic swan wings of angels. The significance of the Cygnus constellation is that it rests in the “vulva” of the galaxy, the dark rift of the Milky Way through which so

Clearing patterns in your Motherline

“You might have inherited not just your grandmother’s knobby knees, but also her predisposition toward depression caused by the neglect she suffered as a newborn. Or not. If your grandmother was adopted by nurturing parents, you might be enjoying the boost she received thanks to their love and support…Like grandmother’s vintage dress, you (can) wear it or have it altered. The genome has long been known as the blueprint of life, but the epigenome is life’s Etch A Sketch: Shake it hard enough, and you can wipe (it) clean.” Source: Does Grandma's experience leave an epigenetic mark on your genes? Does this info fascinate you? Do you want to: *Recognise the patterns you have inherited through yo

Uranus in Taurus, New Moon in Pisces, Mercury Retro

Today is a busy day in the skies! Mercury went retrograde so the next few weeks are excellent for reviewing, revisiting, reorganizing, reflecting and in my case relaunching - the all new She Fire Membership Circle is being relaunched later today, watch this space and your inboxes for more info! Mercury went retro on the very last degree of the zodiac, 29 degrees Pisces so it's as if the communication planet is saying sort everything out before you move forward into a new communication cycle. A lot of the time we want to get onto the next thing, we ask the universe for more of this or that, but what in your life needs completing, finishing or releasing? If there are things that have been on y

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