Visions for the Future

The "6th world" has been prophesied by all indigenous cultures to be one of peace and harmony. One where we reconnect to the Earth as a living planet, treat her with respect, remember our true natures, and live as conscious, awake, aware communities. As with every home renovation process, a period of collapse precedes the new, as everything not in alignment with ‘the new world’ falls away, or is revealed. The prophecies state that leading up to the transitional time, wise awakened souls will incarnate, ready to help people through what is a time of crisis. Many of you might relate to having a mission. You knew a time was coming where people would need your help. Now is that time.

Solstice Solar Eclipse

This Sunday’s Summer/Winter Solstice coincides with a Solar Eclipse on 0 degrees Cancer. This last happened: June 21 2001 and June 21 1982 🌞 What happened then for you? 🌞 Is there a pattern or connection of any kind between what happened in each of those years, in your life or for your family? 🌞 Looking at past eclipses of the same degree can give you some great insights as to the kind of energetic influences that are around you this year. 🌞 If something happened that wasn’t great, don’t worry and think it will repeat. Look deeper. What was a certain event teaching you? How did it make you grow? What was it teaching you? (c) Dana Mrkich 2020 SUPPORT TOOLS Soul Sessions Sess

Lunar Eclipse: Anger and Healing

The Lunar Eclipse today, 15 deg Sag, is making a square to Mars in Pisces. It’s also opposite Venus, who is mid-retrograde. What does this mean? Try to keep a cool head. Emotions are always intensified during a full moon and times that by 100 for a Lunar Eclipse full moon. Then add fiery Mars into the mix, and tempers can flare out of nowhere with two people or two parties or two sides at complete loggerheads, not able to see the others point of view at all. Astrology doesn’t override our actions or our response. It simply sets the stage. It is up to us how we choose to respond to things. If you find yourself getting angry at your partner, take a breath. Calm your emotions and mind. Ask your

United States: Unity and Healing

It is hard to find words right now regarding the escalating situation in the US 🙏🏽💔 To everyone in the United States, united you will get through this. It is the only way. The process toward unity includes acknowledging division and healing it on a deep level. This is the process on an inner, individual level. And the process is the same on greater, social, collective levels. ❤️💔❤️ For the people feeling angry, fed up, hurt, in grief, scared, shocked, and tired, you are seen, you are heard, words are not enough to convey the love that I would love to wrap around you. 💗 For the people protesting peacefully, it takes courage to do so. You are deeply appreciated. 🙏🏽✨ For the paid agitato

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