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March Monthly Visions: From the Mud Rises the Lotus

If March was an image, it would be that of a Lotus Lake, filled with blossoming pink lotus flowers. A lotus flower rises from the mud with its roots secured there, and in fact can’t grow without the mud. Every night the flower submerges into the water, then re-emerges and re-blooms each morning with the rays of the sun. Lotus flowers are a symbol of rebirth, purity, transcendence, spiritual awakening and faith – in ourselves as well as something greater.

The watery themes and imagery that came through in the 2023 Energy Message are with us all year, so it’s no surprise that March has arrived with messages from the Lotus Lake. This specific image is partly inspired by Saturn’s move into Pisces on March 7, and partly by the Jupiter in Chiron conjunction on March 11-12. Let’s look at each of these influences.

Saturn in Pisces: March 7 2023 – February 14, 2026

From March 7, 2023 – February 14, 2026, Saturn will be travelling through Pisces. Even though people might think these two are strange bedfellows – the disciplined Saturn with the dreamy Pisces, I love this combination. Neither would ever admit they need each other, nor do they, but they absolutely benefit from each other’s company, becoming more than either could ever be on its own.

Saturn’s influence grounds and anchors lofty Piscean ideas and ideals. Past Saturn/Pisces transits have seen the first lot of academic studies come out regarding the benefits of meditation (March 1964-March 1967), and spiritual/self-help books go mainstream (early-mid 90’s). After experiencing a very authoritarian, rules-oriented side of Saturn over the past few years, it will be a welcome relief to bring Pisces into the mix, turning our attention to softer, gentler, creative themes – with a focus on how to bring our dreams to life (individual and collective).

For a few years, I’ve written about the choice Saturn in Aquarius was giving us between a more ‘authority over humanity’ expression of that influence vs a “step into your spiritual adulthood and take responsibility” expression of that influence. As Saturn moves into Pisces, for those who resonated deeply with the latter choice, you will start to feel a greater sense of freedom, autonomy and responsibility around creating the version of reality that you most wish to live and experience.

There will be no shortage of ideas coming through you or being brought to you. No shortage of opportunities to step up and “be the change you wish to see.” Saturn will help to facilitate the ‘putting it into action’ side of things. No more wringing our hands about what ‘they’ plan to do next. It is time to focus more on what are you going to do next?

Pisces has a ‘loose’ relationship with the concept of ‘what are you going to do?’. While other signs might interpret that as taking concrete and assertive action steps, Pisces feels that actions like meditation, journalling, prayer, self-reflection and contemplation are all powerful things to do. Likewise when it comes to writing, making music, singing, dancing, painting, making things more beautiful and making people feel more aware of the magical, non-tangible aspects of life. Soul-searching, star-gazing and seeking more knowledge about the supernatural world are all perfectly valid daily pursuits as far as Pisces is concerned.