Equinox Balancing

Sep 23 Equinox is always a big day in our family. It's Christian's birthday (celebrating 50!) and its the anniversary of my mum's passing (17 years ✨) Equinox is all about balance as the length of the day and the night are the same on this day. There is nothing more balancing than having reminders of both life and death on the same day. Balance helps us to be more whole. Death reminds us to Live more fully. Loss makes us appreciate Love more deeply. Sickness gets us to take care of our Health. Delays, detours and dead ends activate us to find new, better ways forward that we otherwise would never have discovered. If the see-saw in your life is a bit south right now, ask the higher side: what

Forks in the Road and New Foundations

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I - I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference. - From the poem The Road Not Taken, by Robert Frost As Saturn stations direct today he starts his final separation from the South Node (which always travels retrograde) – which means a final separating in your world from an old karmic story or pattern that is done, done, doneskie! Due to Saturn having spent the last almost 5 months retrograde, he’s been travelling together with the South Node since April. Usually they might spend a week together, so this is highly out of the ordinary to spend so much time side by side. Not only have they been together, they’ve been doing this walkab

Friday the 13th Full Moon

The Lunar Cycle of 28 Days x 13 Moons as depicted on the shells of turtles! How amazing is that! Source There is a Friday the 13th Full Moon today. Friday is associated with Freya, Norse Goddess of the Feminine, of love, beauty and fertility. 13 is the number of moons per year, and is also the number of moon cycles women have each year. Friday the 13th has a reputation of being “unlucky” when actually it’s a super Feminine day, honouring the natural gestation/birth/life/death/rebirth cycle we see in all things, in all creation, creativity and Life. ❤️💗 Once upon a time this day was special. Today too many see it as unlucky while a small minority use these powerful days in dark ways. So muc

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