Leo Solar Eclipse: Truth, Strength, Courage

11 August Leo Solar Eclipse Themes: Strength, Courage, Bravery. The strength, courage and bravery needed to stand up and speak the truth, and seek the truth, is rising up in us. The truth is blazing like an inferno in our personal lives and for our collective. Truth can at first trigger emotional and spiritual death: death of old illusions about what you believed to be real. Shock, grief, sadness, pain, anger and denial are all part of the death process as is the slow dawning acceptance that the old can no longer be. The acceptance paves the way for gradual healing and rebirth of something new: a new perspective, new identity, new life, new ways of being, and even...a new Earth and new versi

What's more likely?

What's more likely? A. Thousands of people have lied for 35+ years talking about their experiences as victims and survivors of a global, child-trafficking, humanity-controlling network involving politicians, government officials, CIA, Hollywood, billionaires, royalty, judges, police, media, foster care agencies and humanitarian organisations, with all sharing consistent details including high-profile names, ritual abuse, dark ceremonies, trauma-based mind control techniques and the uses of the fragmented identities those techniques create, whose stories have increasingly been validated especially over the last couple of years/couple of weeks. Or B. Thousands of people have been involved in c

The Great Awakening

This past week celebrities and mainstream media are defending multiple Hollywood people for their extensive history of tweets and vids about pedophilia as "just jokes." They are calling NXIVM a sex cult when the actual charges are related to child sex trafficking. They are trying to tell you that all these accusations are an alt right baseless conspiracy. Obviously we can't throw names out there without personal experience or evidence but some people do have that, and they are speaking out loudly right now. This is not a left/right issue, it's a right/wrong issue. This is connected to the reason many of you are here: to free humanity from an elite power structure that has gone on for Mil

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