On the eve of 2020

As Australia continues to burn it feels too surface to do the usual Happy New Year 🥳 2020 is all about clear vision: what’s really important? ✨ At the end of the day it’s pretty simple: Life Health Safety Family Friends Community We have this surreal situation tonight of Sydney NYE fireworks going ahead on the harbour (most local smaller ones have been cancelled) as thousands take shelter in and around the water a few hours down the coast as fire ravages their towns. 😢 Thinking of everyone tonight who’s not having a very happy new year. Wishing everyone a 2020 full of the best of everything that is truly important to you ❤️❤️ (c) Dana Mrkich 2019 Don’t miss an Energy Update

Schumann: Amplifying Energy

The Schumann Resonance just had 13 hours of extremely high amplitude...this is the strength/intensity of what is known as Earths heartbeat. 🌍 Energy like this heightens everything. The good and the not good. So a lot of people will be feeling extremes. With the below it’s possible to bounce from one extreme to the other, or resonate more with one end. For example: 🌟Extreme tiredness and deep sleep, or total wired insomnia 🌟 Increased depression, paranoia and anxiety 🌟 Surges of high creativity and big visions related to creations that can better the world or open up new avenues for your work or income 🌟 Increased sense of calm, tranquility and connection with the Earth 🌟Deep

Where has the time gone?

Around this time of year we may catch ourselves asking “Where has the time gone?” ✨ Another year is nearly over. ✨ A new decade is starting. ✨ Maybe your child is ending primary school or high school or is starting Kindergarten. ✨ Maybe you’re turning a milestone age in 2020. “Where has the time gone?” You better know where the time has gone because time = your life. You don’t want to get to your last day on this Earth and be asking this question. 🌺 When you’re laughing with your family and friends, or sharing a meal or good times, be conscious in that moment: this is where my time is going. 🌺 When you’re cuddling your kids, grandkids, nieces or nephews, and reading bedtime stories, remin

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