Sensitivity to Schumann Strengthening

"Looking at today’s chart, we can say that the strong activity that has so far had its maximum peak at 78 Hz is practically continuing uninterrupted for about 36 hours." Pic and quote from Disclosure News Schumann Daily Update Can't sleep? Psychic activity, dreams and insights on high? The Schumann Resonance might explain it. Just like we're all sensitive to things like a full moon, likewise we're sensitive to Earth's "heartbeat": in the graph above the green horizontal lines measures frequency (waves per second); the white patches represent amplitude (strength of those waves.) Both are having stronger readings than usual, with increasing regularity, over the past year - even more so over t

We all have a right to live in peace

Thinking of the people of Sri Lanka and those with family and friends there. Whatever the motives of these planned attacks, including so many others all around the world, none of them belong in the world we all deserve. Everyone has a right to live life in peace. To pray in peace. To travel in peace. So those are the prayers that I have today and every day. I know everyone is tired of thoughts and prayers, but heart-centred prayer at the very least increases your own inner state of peace and centredness. This gives you clarity for helpful actions moving forward. In times of crisis it helps other people to know you are thinking of them and sometimes that means everything. We all have a right

Money: what it says about what we value

The swift financial response of the super wealthy to the restoration of Notre Dame reminds me of a quote by Dr Helen Caldicott that has stayed with me for years: “Globally, the annual military expenditure stands at 780 billion dollars. The total amount required to provide global health care, eliminate starvation and malnutrition, provide clean water and shelter for all, remove land mines, eliminate nuclear weapons, stop deforestation, prevent global warming, ozone depletion and acid rain, retire the paralyzing debt of developing nations, prevent soil erosion, produce safe, clean energy, stop overpopulation, and eliminate illiteracy is only one third that amount – 237.5 billion dollars.” − Dr

Notre Dame, and the Temple of Isis

Image: South Rose Window It was surreal to see the iconic Notre Dame (Our Lady) in flames today. So much art, architecture and history gone - especially connected to the Divine Feminine- just like that. I feel lucky to have visited it, and sad that so much of it is now no longer there. ✨🌹 Interesting fact: Notre Dame is built on a sacred site that was once a Temple of Isis. Also, Paris was named after the Parisii people, who were followers of Isis. "This city of Lutetia would later be renamed Paris in 360 A.D under the Roman Emperor Julian, who named it Civitas Parisiorum ‘the city of the Parisii’ in honor of the city’s original founders, the Celtic Parisii. It was here where the Parisii se

Julian Assange: our right to know the truth

Julian Assange has been dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in a sickening display. He is facing life in prison for publishing information that exposed government corruption and human rights abuses. He's an Australian journalist who used his tech abilities to expose truth. Meanwhile so called Australian journalists on The Project were laughing the other night when talking about how he's spent 7 years in the embassy!! And where's the Australian government?? Well they were busy approving the Adani coal mine today affecting our Great Barrier Reef!!! There is something very wrong when exposing abuse and corruption is a seemingly worse crime than committing abuse and corruption. It seems to lea

Feminine Spirituality as a Path to Social Transformation

It's the Aries New Moon today, the start of the astro New Year! This energy is all about action and having the confidence, courage and clarity to get things done! So I was thinking about this energy when deciding what to have as our next theme in our She Fire Circle (new themes go up every month). What most wanted to jump out and be discussed is: Feminine spirituality as a pathway to our much needed social transformation. What is feminine spirituality? * A grounded spirituality inclusive of the Divine Feminine / She / a Mother Goddess * It is centred around the heart, the Earth and our communities * It values our bodies for their human capacity to bring forth life, get things don

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