After the rain comes the rainbow

🌟🌟 Messages for Monday 🌟🌟 🌈 After the rain comes the rainbow 🌈 What has been upside down will always turn right side up eventually 🌈 Truth always comes out 🌈 Light always reveals whatever is in the darkness 🌈 The transition process from one reality to another is always messy: look at any home renovation or knock down rebuild project 🌈 What positive messages have you received lately about this time we are in, or about the chapter we are destined to now move into as an awake, aware humanity? (Different to the chapter a small minority had planned for us). (c) Dana Mrkich 2020 SUPPORT TOOLS Soul Sessions Sessions available via Zoom for clarity, guidance and mentoring Social Media L

Q&A: How not to feel so helpless at this time

A great question came in from someone asking what we can do to not feel so helpless. I think it’s the little things: 🌟 Connecting with your inner centre is key, otherwise it’s so easy to feel off balance listening to the barrage of often conflicting news and messages out there. Turn off the news and get off social media when it all feels too much. 🌟 Plant seeds for the good things you want to see happen. Either literally do things that you can do in your own home, workplace, community etc, or share info that feels good to you to share. 🌟 Every single little thing that each of us does doesn’t have to be big and it doesn’t have to directly involve others. Eg stress impacts on our

A new version of power

We're at a fork in the road when it comes to the kind of power structure we want to see on our planet. The old way associates power with “control over” and as such is often forceful, dominating and intimidating. This is an extreme manifestation of power. It isn’t something that serves 99% of us. It comes from a lack of connection to true power within, and relies on the external to feed it. It's a big shock in life when you realise that the biggest bullies are weak inside, wounded by something they never healed, disconnected from their true power within, disconnected from the Divine Source. The new way is guided by a more authentic form of power: "power within" to be used for the benefit of a

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