2019: January Solar Eclipse

SOLAR ECLIPSE: Tomorrow Sunday 6 Jan 12.42pm Sydney Australia time (or 5.42pm/8.42pm Sat 5 Jan if you're in the US) we have our first New Moon of the year which happens to also be a Solar Eclipse (15 deg Capricorn). On top of that Uranus is stationed direct, which means after some months going retrograde he's about to start going forward again. This will mean that for the next 2 months ALL planets are direct. If you've spent the past week still in holiday mode, this Solar Eclipse might feel like the 'real' New Year, kickstarting your momentum and forward drive for the year ahead. Many people will choose Jan 7 (which is also the Orthodox Christmas in the old calendar) to set their intentions

U.S: Pluto Return Massive Changes

I don't know who the artist is of this glorious Phoenix: if you know please let me know. Hi US peeps and others interested in the massive changes occurring there: the current govt shutdown prompted me to get out my copy of the Truth Power Freedom energy report I wrote last year which goes into detail about the US's massive Pluto Return occurring now and right through to 2024 with ongoing related effects until 2037. Pluto in Capricorn is dismantling old patriarchal power structures, ultimately resulting in deep healing of our foundations and psyche (personal, social, national and global). * Take a look at where you have 20-22 degrees Capricorn in your natal chart to see how it's specifically

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