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What will I receive?

We have 13 Weekly Themes. Each week you will receive:         


        Course workbook full of info, prompts and processes    


        Movement practice



        Audio Meditation


        Pre-recorded Webcasts

        Private Facebook group where Dana will personally be               responding to your questions and comments




Special Member Rate

As part of She Fire 13 you get the Member Rate

when booking She Fire Sessions (save $30)

Free Gift upon Enrolment

Feminine Fire, Flow and Power Meditation


​Note from Dana: All course content is created and taught by myself, except for the Movement practices where we have the brilliant, healing support of Patrice Corrie. Patrice is a powerful teacher and healer, truly tuned in to the Divine Feminine. I know you will love her flow.


She Fire 13 is run annually. Subscribe to be notified of next course dates. 

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Who is SHE?

Throughout history

there has been herstory,

a Divine Feminine Force,

a Supreme Feminine Creator Being.

She awakens in us through

our Feminine Soul,

our Feminine Fire,

our She Fire.

From inner wisdom

to outer revolution

there is a huge shift taking place

for our personal and collective

feminine energy and power.

I absolutely loved Dana's She Fire course. It was everything and more than I'd anticipated. It came at a time in my life when I was finally trying to shift from a very "stuck" place and I slowly realised I needed to connect with my feminine power to do that....but having denied and resisted it in so many ways all my life, I had no idea how to cross that divide and recognise it, let alone embrace it.


She Fire was my answer, honestly it was like a flying beacon into my hands from the universe! The course illuminated so many things for me on so many levels, and allowed me the space and support to gain insight and clarity around a lot of "stuff'. The online support group was really amazing, one of the highlights. I loved the meditations, practices and readings, some weeks just dipping into it, others wholly immersing myself. If you're reading this and wondering if the course is for you....I say do it! - Willow, New Zealand

Over 13 weeks

you'll get to know your She Fire

and gather online

with other She Fires

from all around the world.

It's time to let

your Feminine Soul

nourish and guide you.

It's time

to use your She Fire

for the good of Earth

and humanity.

She Fire is for you if:


- you want to embody the Feminine in a more tangible way in your daily life, self-expression, relationships, work and spiritual path


- you want to express aspects of your Feminine  that have been shushed up by a culture that has for too long seen all things feminine (regardless of gender) as less worthy/valid. For example:


* Creativity (get a real job)

* Feelings (don't cry like a girl, suck it up)

* Intuition (that's fluffy nang nang and science doesn't back it up)

* Fierce protective warrior (be good, be nice, keep quiet and don't cause trouble!!)



- you want to own your Maiden/Mother/Wise Woman self in a stronger way regardless of age



- you want to heal old beliefs in you that have told you what your She Fire can and can't do, and heal wounds related to your Feminine energy


- you experience anxiety, depression, anger or frustration and would like some support understanding what messages these "smoke signals" are sending


- you want to know more about the role your She Fire has in this next chapter of humanity's evolution as we shift into new ways of being personally and collectively

Sometimes we all feel like this balloon. A bit depleted, kinda deflated or maybe even defeated.

Actually, cancel that last word. The Feminine Fire is never defeated!

Our "de" feelings are invitations.

They're our initiation doorways.

They trigger the ignition

of something inside us

that is ready to be heard, felt, seen,

expressed and experienced.

As we sit there in our slump that's usually the time we hear


our Feminine Soul, our Feminine Fire, our She Fire.

She whispers or nudges or shouts: "What do you need?"

She can be gentle: "Love yourself. Go to bed. Get a massage."

She can be fierce: "Enough's enough! Walk away! Say no! Let go! You are worth more than this!"

She doesn't live life in a straight line. Life isn't like that. She lives in waves and spirals. Up and down and up again.

It's time to step into your Feminine Fire, Flow & Power

Artwork: Katarina Soleil

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10% of profits will be divided among the following charities. 

Thank you.

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