International Men's Day

💙 Thank you to all the men in my life for being such positive role models. You are fantastic dads, brothers, sons, husbands, cousins, colleagues and clients who make this world a better place, and show future generations of boys what a good man looks like 💙 You are showing them that it is okay to show your feelings, to ask for help and to cry 💙 That you want to spend time with your family and kids just as much as women do 💙 Today is about raising awareness of men’s health, men’s issues and the importance of healthy role models for other men and boys 💙 Men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women, on average they don’t live as long, have higher rates of homelessness,

Jupiter on the Cosmic Womb

Jupiter is on the same degree as the Galactic Centre today, so it’s a good day to make a big wish or set an absolute dream intention ⭐️⭐️ Jupiter is all about expansion, good fortune, abundance, international connections and higher learning ⭐️ The Galactic Centre was referred to by the ancients as the Cosmic Womb or Womb of the Great Mother. So you can see how this space has long been associated with being a source of creation, creativity, birth of new life and new dreams 🌺 In 2020 Jupiter will go over all the Capricorn degrees that have been getting hammered by Pluto and Saturn in recent years so look at this like a fuel stop for Jupiter, preparing it to give your life some much need

Riding the Storm

Schumann Resonance Oct 28, 2019 The intensity of last Monday’s Scorpio New Moon opposite Uranus (28 Oct) has, for a lot of people, continued. Deep emotional releases from heavy crying to rage-like anger to feeling generally frazzled has many feeling out of sorts- even while things in your life might be generally okay. At the same time the Schumann Resonance was pumping strong (imagine your heart beating faster than usual, and you feel that thump thump thump stronger than usual....only this is Earth’s heart beat). Much like the Solar Flares, this can make energetically sensitive people feel emotional, can ramp up anxiety because it’s revving up the nervous system, can trigger physical heart

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