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Quick intro to Create a Life you Love: Watch Video

2023 Update:
All course content is now available on an exclusive course space on this site! Receive your Access Links
when you Enrol!


You will receive:



1. A weekly mini workbook from 14-18 pages incl:


  • Reading material offering insights and examples to help deepen your understanding of that week's topics. 

  • Journalling exercises, empowering you to gain insights for yourself from within yourself


2. Guided meditations:


  • Each week includes a new MP3 audio meditation

  • Download it onto your favourite device and listen to it anytime, as many times as you like. 

3. Pre-recorded Webcasts - watch anytime


  • Each video webcast includes a guided meditation ushering in the theme of each new week as well as a chat about the week's topics.

If you want a life you love, one that truly fulfills you on a body, mind, heart and soul level, it helps to get conscious about your reality creation process. You have the power to create a life of your choosing.

Creating a life you love means something different to everyone. For me, it's not just about what your life looks like on the outside. It also includes how you feel about your life, and your self, on the inside.


Would you like to open up to more of the following?


- A deeper sense of inner power and a stronger connection to your authentic truth, to help you move powerfully through the good times and more easefully through the challenging times


- A clearer connection to your Soul truth, intuition and fields of greater potential, tapped in to the flow of synchronicity. Knowing you are your own best guide


- A genuine feeling of self-love and a greater knowing of your worth and value so that you receive all you deserve


- Meaningful work you love; easeful abundance you trust to come


- Healthier relationships


- A greater sense of happiness, appreciation and real joy


This 7 week course will help you to shift those areas that are ready for transformation, expansion and upgrade!





4. Bonus Info on each Chakra


  • Qualities, tips on balancing excess or  deficiency, associated support tools

“Thanks so much for your e- course. I LOVED IT!!!!  It felt as though I've cleared away any lingering debris once and for all.  It was a wonderful seven weeks. Higher Self is clearer than ever and I had new insights which help me to create the life I love. It's such a powerful course. Everyone should do themselves a favour and gift it to their being.” - Karyn, New Zealand

..............and from Karyn a year later: “Your course completely transformed my life and I'm still enjoying its richness. Thank you so much."


“I did your course a couple of years ago - it is just full of so much amazing information and insight. Highly recommend to anyone thinking about it, to go for it.” - Bridget

“Thank you Dana so much, the course was more than I expected & helped me in so many areas of my life, I absolutely loved it!!!” – Jasna, Australia


“I'm still reaping the benefits of your VERY generous gift of your course last year after I'd shared a little about my financial situation then. Abundant gratitude.” – Bernie, UK


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