Aussie Women United for Truth

On Friday I was part of a round table “Aussie Women United for Truth” hosted and facilitated by Medyhne Lebachen 🙏🏽 ❤️ We all shared our perspectives about what is going on right now, along with tips on navigating the many narratives in front of us. ✨ Several of the ladies are from Victoria, so this might be especially helpful for those of you down there struggling with the current situation. 🌈 This is a time for unity, community support and havjng the courage to seek truth. We all hold pieces of the jigsaw. ❤️ Most importantly, know that however you are feeling, you are not alone. WATCH HERE (c) Dana Mrkich 2020 SUPPORT TOOLS Soul Sessions Sessions available via Zoom for clarity, guidanc

Are you still smiling?

😁 Yesterday I was walking out of a store, and as I was walking out a lady was walking in. I did my usual instinctual smile that you do as you pass by another person in and out of a door. 😷 It was only a millisecond later that I registered she was wearing a mask, (we are in Sydney where it’s not mandatory and not quite yet a big thing), and I realised I couldn’t tell if she smiled back. I made a decision in that moment to keep doing what I usually do re smiling at people, looking them in the eye as I pass by or when we walk around each other, even if they are wearing a mask and I can’t tell if they’re smiling back. ❤️ Social distancing and mask wearing doesn’t mean cutting ourselves off fro

Hold Steady!

✊🏽 Hold steady ✨ Stay in your centre 👁 We did not come to Earth at this time to create a divided humanity ruled by overlords Quite the opposite 🌈 We came here to reclaim humanity’s natural way of being: freedom, unity, peace, love ❤️ No this isn’t airy fairy idealistic woo woo. Archaeologist Marija Gimbutas proved we once had thousands of years without war, living in harmonious, peaceful, harmonious, matri-focal communities 🌍 We are in the transitional tunnel, breaking away from 5000 years of, let’s call it the hijacking of humanity. Keep moving forward. Keep asking questions. Shine your light! 🔥 This too shall pass. Humanity’s natural evolution toward a new cycle of truth, love and a

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