Our Supernova phase: old stars are dying, new stars will birth a new world

A Supernova discovered by a team of astronomers in India. When a star completes its life cycle it explodes creating a Supernova. From the gas and dust, nebulae are created....star nurseries that will birth new stars. Note before reading: There are a lot of topics in this week's post, some of which may or may not be new to you. I recommend having a pad and pen next to you while reading, so wherever you think What is that all about? or I need more info on this!, jot down the topic so that you can do your own research later. If there are some topics where you don't know where to start looking, please post for help in the comments section below, and either I or a fellow reader can point you in t

The Old Movie is Ending

What a week! Jupiter went direct on 11/12 Aug while Uranus went retrograde on 12/13 Aug, leading up to the Full Moon in Aquarius on 15 Aug. On a personal level, Jupiter loves expansion, and Uranus loves you to express your unique self. So right now you might be feeling some big momentum to DO something, to put into action some shifts and changes that have been percolating for a while, in order to BE more of who you really are. At the same time Uranus is Captain Authenticity, saying yes expand – but it has to be in a way where you are genuinely being true to yourself. I’m getting this image of each of us blowing into a balloon, representing our expanding selves. But every time that our ‘breat

Freeing ourselves from the Matrix

The theme of the moment is all about freeing ourselves – freeing our thoughts, minds, beliefs, feelings, actions and consciousness, particularly from influences that are (or have been) false, disempowering and manufactured. From there we can be who we really are, and live the lives we all want and deserve to live. First, let’s look at this coming week’s astro influences, and then see how it relates to what’s happening for us personally and collectively. Jupiter is about to go direct on 11/12 August (14 Sag), followed by Uranus turning retrograde the very next day (6 Taurus), and then a Full Moon (22 Aquarius) on 15 August. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, good fortune, higher l

Turn up your Light!

August feels like it is on fire right from the start! On August 1 (July 31 in the US) we had Mercury turn direct with the New Moon in Leo. The overall message for this month feels very much to be “turn up your Light!” Leo is the Lion, King (or Queen) of the jungle. This is a month to step up and stand up for what it is you want. This is going to mean a different thing for everyone. This could play out in your work life, career, business or finances, in your relationships, love life or with family. It could mean being more vocal about things you care about, or noticing where you no longer want to hide, or play it small. Leo is connected to the Solar Plexus and the Sun, so power can come up a

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