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Solar Flare Strategies for your Wellbeing

Image: Space Weather Live

🔥 We’ve had 6 M-Class + 1 X-Class Solar Flares over the past 4 days with more strong flares likely incoming

🔥 Strong solar flares tend to amplify energy and intensify emotions. What have you noticed yourself feeling since late last week?

🔥 If you’ve been feeling:

💙 Exhausted - rest, take some time out, sleep more, ask for help where you need it

❤️ Energised - Do something you’ve been putting off, get organised, declutter, put some creative ideas into action

💛 Jittery: Get out in nature, put your feet on the Earth, do some gardening and get your hands in the dirt

💚 Stressed: Move your body, do some physical exercise, listen to music, find something that makes you laugh

🧡 Angry: Put on some loud music and dance it out, shake it out or shout it out in a safe space, journal to see what’s under the anger

💗 Sad/flat: Do something gentle for self-care soothing, read something that makes you feel good or at least better, do a guided meditation, paint, crayon draw

*These are suggested tips to support mental/emotional wellness. If you have serious or ongoing symptoms please see your relevant health practitioner 🙏🏽🙏🏽

Images: Space Weather Live

UPDATE to yesterdays Solar Flares post: there have been 2 more X Flares and 8 more M Flares

🔥 This is the Sun gearing up in this current Solar Maximum cycle due to peak anywhere from 2024-2026.

🔥 Everyone experiences them differently, and even then we can feel affected one way this time and completely another way next time! I love them because usually I get massive bursts of energy and creative inspiration but I’ve also had times where it feels like I have electricity going through me, and not in a good way! Or feel short-tempered or exhausted….read above re what to do depending on how you’re feeling.

🔥 Solar Flares don’t create random responses within us…..they activate, amplify and alert us to what is already there needing our attention ❤️

(c) Dana Mrkich 2023


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