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Notre Dame, and the Temple of Isis

Image: South Rose Window

It was surreal to see the iconic Notre Dame (Our Lady) in flames today. So much art, architecture and history gone - especially connected to the Divine Feminine- just like that. I feel lucky to have visited it, and sad that so much of it is now no longer there.


Interesting fact: Notre Dame is built on a sacred site that was once a Temple of Isis.

Also, Paris was named after the Parisii people, who were followers of Isis.

"This city of Lutetia would later be renamed Paris in 360 A.D under the Roman Emperor Julian, who named it Civitas Parisiorum ‘the city of the Parisii’ in honor of the city’s original founders, the Celtic Parisii. It was here where the Parisii settled, and with them, they brought their religion and secret rites of the Goddess from the East, and where they had built a temple of Isis in which you could find a statue of Isis.

In 1163, the site of the Temple of Isis would be the location where Notre-Dame de Paris (French for “Our Lady of Paris”) would be built, and had become the “Parisian church of the kings of Europe.” The original statue of Isis was preserved in the Abbey of St. Germain until the year 1514 when the Archbishop of Meaux had it destroyed." - From Gnostic Warrior

Interesting Fact: Today, the Monday of Holy Week, is known in the Christian religion as the Clearing of the Temple day, or Cleansing of the Temple.

When Jesus arrived at the Temple, he found the courts full of corrupt money changers. He began overturning their tables and clearing the Temple, saying, "The Scriptures declare, 'My Temple will be a house of prayer,' but you have turned it into a den of thieves" (Luke 19:46). - From Holy Week Timeline

Today's fire, as awful as it is to see an 800 year old cathedral burning, feels highly symbolic. Of what?

On a symbolic level is it:

A purification?

Dismantling of the patriarchy and/or corrupt values held by many in the Church?

She returning/rising?

Some sort of ritual...conducted by..who?

What are your thoughts?

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