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Sensitivity to Schumann Strengthening

"Looking at today’s chart, we can say that the strong activity that has so far had its maximum peak at 78 Hz is practically continuing uninterrupted for about 36 hours." Pic and quote from Disclosure News Schumann Daily Update

Can't sleep? Psychic activity, dreams and insights on high?

The Schumann Resonance might explain it. Just like we're all sensitive to things like a full moon, likewise we're sensitive to Earth's "heartbeat": in the graph above the green horizontal lines measures frequency (waves per second); the white patches represent amplitude (strength of those waves.)

Both are having stronger readings than usual, with increasing regularity, over the past year - even more so over the past few months.

This Disclosure News site linked to above is very interesting if you want to know more about the increase, and keep track of daily activity. ✨🌎

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