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Feminine Spirituality as a Path to Social Transformation

It's the Aries New Moon today, the start of the astro New Year! This energy is all about action and having the confidence, courage and clarity to get things done! So I was thinking about this energy when deciding what to have as our next theme in our She Fire Circle (new themes go up every month). What most wanted to jump out and be discussed is: Feminine spirituality as a pathway to our much needed social transformation. What is feminine spirituality? * A grounded spirituality inclusive of the Divine Feminine / She / a Mother Goddess * It is centred around the heart, the Earth and our communities * It values our bodies for their human capacity to bring forth life, get things done and embody our soul power and potential * It honours our feelings for their human capacity to connect with others, and guide us toward what is true for us .......and more

Feminine spirituality isn't exclusive to women - we all need a balanced masculine and feminine energy within us regardless of our sexuality or gender. So why call it feminine when really we are in desperate need of unity and non-boxing ourselves? Well, for the past 5000 years the scales have tipped one way toward an out of balance, dominating masculine, creating an out of balance, repressed feminine. Patriarchy hasn't been good for women or men! To bring the scales back, into a state of balance, we need to shine the spotlight on that which has been kept down. In doing so, we'll create healthy, empowered versions of both feminine and masculine!

True social transformation can’t come about just by having more women in power within a patriarchal system. Within that old system, we still have to play by the patriarchal rules to one degree or other. Ultimately, our entire system is due for an overhaul. How do we do it?

This is what we're talking about in this month's theme

"Feminine Spirituality as a Path to Social Transformation"

in the She Fire Membership Circle 💃🏽🔥🌺❤️✊🏽 If this is right up your alley, JOIN US HERE!

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