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Julian Assange: our right to know the truth

Julian Assange has been dragged out of the Ecuadorian Embassy in a sickening display. He is facing life in prison for publishing information that exposed government corruption and human rights abuses. He's an Australian journalist who used his tech abilities to expose truth. Meanwhile so called Australian journalists on The Project were laughing the other night when talking about how he's spent 7 years in the embassy!!

And where's the Australian government?? Well they were busy approving the Adani coal mine today affecting our Great Barrier Reef!!!

There is something very wrong when exposing abuse and corruption is a seemingly worse crime than committing abuse and corruption. It seems to lead to either having to live in exile, be arrested, get "suicided" or face ridicule, meanwhile the more corrupt you are and the more of a puppet you're willing to be, well up the ladder you go!!!

For people who are thinking "well he committed a crime by leaking the documents and emails":

If you came across information that shook you to the core, about what those in power are doing to other humans, what would you do?

If you had a vehicle to publish that information would you? You wouldn't be able to rely on mainstream media because they're influenced by the very powers you're fighting to expose. So what would you have done in his shoes?

Is it right that perpetrators of war crimes and human rights abuses are the ones making the laws about our rights to expose these crimes?

It takes a lot of courage to be a truth-revealer, our global awakening needs more of them ✊🏼

Update 23 April, 2019

Julian Assange has been in prison for almost 2 weeks now with no visitors allowed including his lawyers. If you want to stand up for his human rights as he has for ours please sign the petition 👇🏼

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