Heightened desires highlight 'the gap'

We are halfway through the 11 days of all planets being in forward direct motion. This influence heightens the dreams and desires we have for our life. It clears the focus on the future, reminding us: This is what I want, that is what I came here to do, this is the kind of experience I want for my life, that is how I want to feel. Because our 'what I want' is so highlighted, so too is our feeling of 'the gap' between there and here, wherever here is right now, physically, emotionally, materially, financially, spiritually. So while we are receiving flashes of inspiration and nudges to do abc, or stop doing xyz, we are also likely having any 'not in alignment' thoughts/beliefs/emotions/memorie

11 Days

From 25 Dec to 5 Jan we have the quite rare event of all planets being in forward motion. Technically they are all always going forward, but from Earth it sometimes looks like one or more planets are going backwards, known as retrograde motion. As we know, it is our perspective that colours reality, so when a planet is in retrograde we can be influenced by that. When a planet is from our Earth perspective going forward, we get the positive flow on affect. When ALL are in direct motion, ooooh what then! You can use these 11 days to play the magical "what if? game. What would you dream for your life, or for the world if anything was possible? What if all the lights to your desired dream were g

Emotional Triple Treat

If you are feeling extra shakey/energised/adrenalin-pumped/anxious this morning - aside from the usual amounts of these things at this time of year - we just had an M Class Solar Flare. For the first time in ages, this morning I had that solar flare feeling of having had 10 ten cups of coffee, only I haven't had any so I checked, and yep sure enough there was the M Class. Heart pumping, feeling jittery, getting an extra shot of inspiration, we all have different ways of responding to flares. It's helpful to know that we do respond, otherwise we can be feeling frazzled without knowing why, which only increases our stress! This week is already one that has us feeling more stressed out than usu


Don't you love it when you get the most perfect message to confirm an inner a-ha moment or answer some question just asked! I was Journalling tonight to unravel the meaning of two dreams I've had over the last couple of nights with the same theme: wanting to get back to my home. I had a great Journalling sesh about it, and when I closed my journal I felt to take a pic of a butterfly on the cover. Thanks to the lens acting like a magnifying glass I noticed some tiny words I'd never noticed before: Breathe Surrender Be the Light So specifically relevant to things I'd just written. Out of all the nights to notice those tiny words. The divine thread that we call synchronicity always leaves

Sliding Doors Moments

Uranus and Mars have been in opposition all week, and this time around there has been a really interesting 'sliding doors' theme surrounding it. I've heard so many stories where people have experienced a massive 'shock', that jolted them from one mental/emotional/physical state to another in a matter of seconds. Yet in a lot of these cases, the person experienced "the best possible outcome in the worst possible situation" as Jelena Mrkich put it when we were talking about it this afternoon. Our sliding doors moment happened early on Monday morning. Christian left for work around 6, and called me not even 5 minutes later. I guessed his bike must have broken down, but from the sound of his voi

Sweet Spinach Pancakes

Pic by Jelena Mrkich Ingredients Serves 1. Makes 9 small pancakes 1 egg 1 egg white 1/2 banana 1 large handful baby spinach 1 tbsp psyllium husks Method Blend all ingredients until spinach is well broken down. Warm a non-stick fry pan on medium heat. Add 1tsp coconut oil & spread evenly across the pan. Using a large soup spoon or tablespoon, scoop spoonfuls of the pancake mixture into the pan, fitting as many pancakes as you can. Wait until bubbles start to form in the mixture. Use a spatula and flip onto the other side. Both sides should be evenly browned. Place pancakes on a plate. Depending on the size of your pan & amount of pancake mixture, you may need to repeat sequence in order to co

End of 2015 Energy Summary: Where are we at?

As 2015 draws to a close, it’s a good time to touch base on where we are at exactly on this mammoth energetic and very physical ride that we are all on. I want to also acknowledge those who have their doubts, those who may feel, or have heard, that the whole ‘new age’ was a big distraction campaign complete with a ‘false light’ guiding us. There are some valid nuggets of truth concerning that particular perspective, and that’s important to address, yet let’s get clear so that we don’t throw a perfectly good shoe out the window just because of a few pebbles that have been wedged inside. What with false flags to the right of us, and supposed false lights to the left of us, what is a person to

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