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Don't you love it when you get the most perfect message to confirm an inner a-ha moment or answer some question just asked! I was Journalling tonight to unravel the meaning of two dreams I've had over the last couple of nights with the same theme: wanting to get back to my home. I had a great Journalling sesh about it, and when I closed my journal I felt to take a pic of a butterfly on the cover. Thanks to the lens acting like a magnifying glass I noticed some tiny words I'd never noticed before:



Be the Light So specifically relevant to things I'd just written.

Out of all the nights to notice those tiny words.

The divine thread that we call synchronicity always leaves me feeling in awe of the exactness of energy. It is as if it is saying "I saw what you just realised" or "I heard what you just said/thought/asked for" and here is my direct response. I love it 💗

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