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Dana has facilitated thousands of sessions to clients all over the world for over 20 years. Her commitment to her own inner work ensures you will be held, supported and encouraged in a safe, sacred space.

Dana is dedicated to you clearing the path to find and live your Truth, so be prepared to scuba dive on all levels.

Soul Sessions
Mentorship Packages

Sessions run for 60-75 Minutes

Choose either 1 Session or a 4-Session Package for deep Transformation and Mentorship.

Is there something you are ready to invite into your life or do you need support as you expand into your next phase?


Is there something that you need clarity and guidance on? (eg why a certain situation is happening, what the bigger purpose might be?)

Is there a recurring pattern you are ready to let go of?

Soul Sessions are part energetic excavation and archaeological dig helping you to see yourself and your present more clearly, and part new building and construction, empowering you to move forward more easefully.


The sessions get to the heart of recurring patterns, give clarity to current situations, and offer a supportive growth container as you become your next level of YOU.  


Soul Sessions support you to access, integrate and embody your own clarity, power, intuition and wisdom. The sessions will tap into the ancient wisdom held by: your inner being, your soul herstory/history, your ancestral roots, generational stories, and our collective field of all that is.

It's time to end old patterns

Create new stories

Make decisions in alignment with

your heart and soul

Take actions that are nurturing, brave, powerful, restful, invigorating and loving

Wheel of Life Alignment Sessions


Taking bookings now for 4-Session Mentorships focusing on your Wheel of Life Alignment. You will create your own personalised Wheel of Life to check in with how you're doing in all your different life areas: 

  • Which area needs more of your time and energy? 

  • Where do you need some guidance and support? 

  • If you have been feeling symptoms of stress or burnout, what needs adjusting? 

  • What are your goals for different life areas, and what action steps do you need to take?

  • The Wheel of Alignment Sessions will help you to get clear, commit to practical steps and make sure that your inner world/mindset foundation is in alignment with your outer goals and intentions!

1 Session

Transformation and Mentorship


Dana will email you within 1 business day to schedule your Session at a mutually suitable time. Current wait time is approx 3 weeks. Sessions are conducted via Zoom.

She Fire Rate applies if you have been a member of the She Fire Circle,

Library or 13 Week Course.




​*Prices are in Australian Dollars


$250 AUD is approx $180 USD

$220 AUD is approx $160 USD


Transformation and Mentorship Package

Do you have a life area, issue or recurring pattern that you are ready to shift?

Work with Dana in a 4-Session container to help you:

* Get clear on what you want and why

* Clear personal/ancestral/collective stories

* Have tools that will assist you to embody and action your desired changes (these will be individually tailored to your specific needs, and can take the form of guided processes, journalling prompts, actions to take, things to make etc)

* Save 10% off the usual session price when paying upfront

Fill out the Form below

then continue on to payment

If you have any questions please contact Dana.


Thank you. Dana will respond within 1 business day.

4 Session Package

Pay upfront and save 10%

(Members, please choose member rate)

4 Session Package

Instalment Plan

(Scroll down for Member Rate)

“THANK YOU SO MUCH for my She Fire 1 on 1 yesterday. It was profound and really helped me. I shared with my husband too and thanked him for being one of my main teachers. SO cool. I highly recommend everyone taking a private She Fire session.”

- Kristine, USA


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