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Flashback Friday: Activating your 'Missing' Vibration

Flashback Friday is a new feature re-visiting a post or former Monthly Visions that is tapping me on the shoulder as relevant to right now. This one has been coming up strongly, I think because at the start of a new year we are so focused on new goals and long-held dreams and naturally wonder why the goals and dreams we've had on continuous New Year lists haven't happened yet!

Originally posted in June 2011, Activating your Missing Vibration has so many gold nuggets appropriate for now!

There is so much strong, powerful energy circulating around us that I hardly know where to start! The strongest theme that feels to be underscoring everything is that of breaking through those ceilings that have kept each of us limited in one or more aspects of our reality. Stronger even than the busting through theme, is the dawning realisation around why it’s been so hard to make the quantum leaps we have been wanting forever and what we now have to do to ground and embody them.

We all have something that we have found difficult to manifest or maintain once manifested. No matter how much we journal, meditate, get healings and say affirmations there seems to be one huge ‘quantum leap’ desire within everyone that constantly seems to be an arm’s length away. This has been coming up so often in sessions this past month, with one primary message repeating itself over again: Your reality is like an album full of songs. If you want to add something that you are finding difficult to create or maintain (that is meant for you, that is aligned with your highest good) it’s because that song is not on your album. You have to add that song to your album, and not just add it but stamp it on there so it is a new and permanent part of your vibrational field. It is literally a new aspect of your being that has not been activated up until now, and that is why it has not been able to take form physically on the material plane.

If you have been trying to add something that has never been a song on your family album, know that this new vibration is completely unfamiliar to your ancestral energy field and so it literally has been unable to ‘stick’ onto your album in a permanent way. You have to upgrade your cellular wiring, literally infusing it with the vibration of the new aspects that you would like to invite into your reality field.

The key words here are “infusing it with the vibration”. While it may appear that the love of your life or home of your dreams is the thing that’s lacking from your life, what is actually lacking is an activated connection to the vibration that your energy associates with the manifestation of that thing (and that is different for everyone). First figure out what the ‘missing’ vibration is exactly, and that’s where all that journaling and meditating, and all those healings and affirmations will help. For example, if you want greater financial prosperity the vibration that is the missing link for you might be worthiness, stability, freedom, power or all of the above. Abraham-Hicks tells us that if you want to manifest something you need to work out why you want it (eg do you want to feel more secure/more loved/more happy) and then work out a way to feel that right now. It’s also very helpful to work out why part of you doesn’t want it (eg fear of losing freedom, losing independence, being seen as greedy), because that will create major resistance toward letting your manifestation in. Most of this you all know, it’s basic Law of Attraction 101 yet we still have desired manifestations that aren’t manifesting. Why? Trying to feel something that has never been on your album, is like trying to visualise blue when you’ve never seen blue. We might know that stability is our missing vibration, but if our cells don’t recognise that vibration it doesn’t ‘stick’ and thus we won’t be able to attract it or hold it on a physical level – until we activate it within our cells.

Just a note on any manifestation ‘delays’. Today we’re not talking about the Divine Timing factor which is very real for certain events (eg a specific date may be required by an incoming soul for its conception date), nor are we talking about desired things that aren’t meant for you. We’re talking about that which is desired and for your highest good, that which your soul is absolutely calling you toward. A call which is feeling stronger and sounding louder right now than ever before, and you feel at a complete loss as to what more you could possibly do to let it in. You may have found yourself saying lately something like: “Show me what it is I am not seeing.”

There is a story featured in the film ‘What the Bleep do we Know’ about a tribe of people unable to see ships anchored offshore, because the sight was alien to their usual reality. It wasn’t until a shaman stared out to sea, imagining what he was looking for, that he was finally able to make out the ships. It was only after pointing them out to others that eventually everyone could see the ships. This phenomenon is called perceptual blindness, based on a theory that our brains literally can’t see what we don’t understand, but because the shaman was used to expanding his vortex of perception he was able to open up to the new reality that already existed right before their eyes.