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Part conscious living blog, part online classroom, merged with community chat and commentary, this is a place to learn, share, get inspired and support each other as together we create healthier, more harmonious and heart-centred lives and contribute to a cleaner, happier planet.


The focus will be on empowering, conscious lifestyle news, views, tips and tools. Chill out during your morning or afternoon cuppa, or as you relax in the evening once the house is quiet. Find out what's happening on the humanity transforming front, discover a new recipe for a delicous gluten/dairy/sugar free dessert, learn about positive initiatives happening all over the world, enrol in an online program, get involved in fascinating discussions and view inspiring webcasts!


This site brings together all the elements of my personal and professional history which have revolved around living a conscious life and helping others do the same in over 20 years of soul-sifting, uplifting, writing and teaching, along with a lifelong passion for this new chapter in our collective evolution. Now is the time to merge consciousness with action, and action with consciousness, creating transformational change in every arena: personal, local, social and global; love, purpose, health, happiness, media, governance, environment, education, and sustainable living.


All of these topics and more will be covered as this site grows, unfolds and evolves. 


This is so exciting for us, and I look forward to sharing this positive interactive space with you all.


Lots of love,



Editor, Author, Writer, Teacher

​​​​​​​DANA BIO



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