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2020 is...2012

The Ethiopian Calendar still follows an ancient Coptic calendar that was around long before the Romans created the Julian calendar in 46BC. And it’s been around obviously way longer than our more widely used Gregorian calendar that only came into effect in 1582.

The ancient Coptic calendar was used throughout Africa, the Middle East and parts of Europe.

It has 13 months not 12

The New Year starts Sep 11

It is 7 years behind the Gregorian

Using a calendar converter today is Dec 21, 2012, the long anticipated end of a great cycle according to the Mayans

2020 much more than the “other” 2012 has brought with it the Shift so many have been waiting for. Call it an awakening, the apocalypse (which in Latin means revelations, to reveal that which has been hidden), a reckoning, a split of timelines, a merging of timelines, a fork in the road, the transition to a new reality, it’s clear that change is afoot and we are not in Kansas anymore.

Use today to say goodbye to the old. To all that no longer serves you. To all that no longer serves your family including generational patterns. To all that no longer serves our world and humanity.

As we approach Sep 11 and beyond, set your intention for the new.

What do you want your life to look like?

What do you want for your family?

What kind of a community would you like to live in?

What makes you happy?

How can you contribute to a world that is based on a conscious, awake, aware humanity?

That IS the next chapter.

Life, be it plants or humans, always grows toward the light. We were created to evolve and expand. Freedom, connection, creation, these are all part of our divine human essence.