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Eclipses, Earthquakes and Epstein

On July 2, the US had a Solar Eclipse on their Natal Sun, indicating that something would happen on or around that day that would significantly impact the essence of the country. The Sun represents who you really are at the very core of your being – your most authentic self. It also represents your ego, which depending on how you express it can make you exude confidence in a healthy way, or make you self-centred with no regard for others.

So with the US, we’re going to see the Core Collective Self of the country have false masks come off, so that the more authentic Soul can shine through. We’ll get into a really good example of this with the Epstein news further below. If anyone or anything has been controlling the US or influencing the people in a bad way, without the full knowledge of its people, (which has been the case from at least the time of Operation Paperclip if not even longer before that) it will be revealed in a more mainstream way so that the people can regain their true autonomy.

Eclipses have a rolling affect over a 6-12 month period with related events often being triggered 3 months, 6 months and 1 year from the date of the eclipse as well as around the eclipse date itself. Watch around Oct 2, 2019, Jan 2, 2020 and July 2, 2020 for events or happenings related to current situations. This is specifically for the US, but it applies to any of you who have been personally affected by the July 2 Solar Eclipse.

Events can also be triggered when the eclipse point is aspected by a planet or other point over the following year. Watch 10-28 Nov, 2019 when the North Node goes over the eclipse point. The North Node acts like a compass, sending already accelerated situations further in the right direction.

With eclipses, there’s a “bigger picture” story of change happening over a one year period, with various related acts playing out throughout that year. When an eclipse affects you, or in this case affects a whole country, there is no going back to how things once were. Eclipses accelerate change where change is due. On a personal level, if an eclipse impacts your chart, it’s a time of big life change: eg meeting your life partner, getting married, getting a divorce, losing a loved one, moving country or interstate, becoming a parent, changing career, getting an opportunity that changes your life, having a realization that completely changes who you are or how you relate to someone. Eclipses are unpredictable, yet come with a sense of fate or destiny. They can be tumultuous but they always result in an increase in personal growth and consciousness. Eclipses feel like they are happening to you, but really they are happening for you.

For an eclipse to happen in the chart of a country, the entire country as a whole gets this accelerated change, this shake-up, pun not intended, to make sure it is on the path it needs to be on for the good of all.

We also have a Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn happening next week on 16/17 July – a release of old authorities. More on that next week.

So what’s been happening?

On July 4, California experienced a 6.4 earthquake, followed by a 7.1 on July 5. Earthquake researcher and forecaster Dutchsinse has been tracking earthquake activity for a decade, and is an expert on interpreting activity. (Also recommend Ditrianum who interprets activity using planetary movements). With the recent activity, Dutchsinse has been saying that there is a log-jam of pressure in Southern California, and that ideally this pressure could transfer across to Texas and Oklahoma and release via 4.0 and 5.0 earthquakes in that region, taking the huge pressure off of California. If it doesn’t do that, then his experience suggests that this pressure will release via a 7.5 or higher quake in California leading up to 11 July. He is not about spreading fear, he is all about making sure people are prepared with an earthquake plan, and this practical aspect is why I’m sharing the info here.

In the past days Texas and Oklahoma have had a couple of very minor quakes (1-2 level) which shows there is a slow trickle of pressure releasing. However, Dutchsinse reports that this really needs to increase to fully relieve the pressure in California. Until then, he is strongly encouraging ALL Californians to have their earthquake plan in place from now to 11 July.

If you live there then you will be more than knowledgeable about what that plan is for you, but for what it’s worth, think about plans for a) during a potential quake, and b) the days following in the case that infrastructure is temporarily down or under strain (eg power outages, shops closed).

Delete Hollywood movie scenarios from your head, they aren't reality. Reality is: natural earth changes occur, and just like all events before this, you will also get through anything to come with the help of each other. This isn't to take away from the natural anxiousness you're feeling if you're there right now or the very unsettling feeling of the Earth shaking or rolling under you. In the last week there have been over 9000 earthquakes in the Searles Valley (where Ridgecrest is) so this is a very real ongoing situation for many people.

For all in California…keep calm as much as possible and prepare in practical ways. Take down paintings that are hanging above your bed. Have a pair of shoes and your essential items bag next to your bed with water, flashlight, batteries, snacks, portable cell phone charger etc. If possible keep a full tank of gas in your car. Dutchsinse has stated that he will take the warning down should nothing happen by the 11th.

Earth is a living being. She needs to release energy from time to time, both due to natural shifts and man-made interference. There has been a lot of underground weapons testing, drilling, tunnel creating and, if the rumours are true, tunnel demolishing in that part of California, which seems like a very strange thing to approve in a state known for its vulnerable fault lines! Is this why Deep Underground Military Bases are known as DUMB for short?! A genuine question is: why, knowing these geographical areas are known vulnerable, weak spots in the Earth, why do things there that would make the Earth weaker and more vulnerable….?

If you're sensitive to Earth energies, and other people's, you may be feeling a build-up of energy within yourself with so much going on. Slow deep breaths always helps to calm and clear that. Be out in nature. Walking is very grounding. Garden. Bake. Do things that make you feel good. Make time for self-care. Enjoy time with your loved ones, friends and family.

On top of all this, on 7 July, the Schumann Resonance peaked at 110hz which is crazy high. You may have felt it as your heart racing, feeling emotional for no known reason, teary or anxious. Again: slow, deep breaths.

In other news….

Jeffrey Epstein has finally been arrested for sex trafficking of minors and is due to appear in court Monday morning EST. (I’ve included some links below if you need more info about who he is). In short, he is a billionaire whose source of wealth is very ambiguous, with connections to VERY powerful people – other billionaires, royalty, politicians, Hollywood stars and others in the movie and music business. Brace yourself for shock if you're yet to go down that particular rabbit hole as big names start being thrown about. It’s not an exaggeration to say that PTSD is something that a lot of people will experience (and have experienced) the more they find out about how the world really runs.

Two years ago the idea that well-known, highly-respected public figures were involved in child trafficking, global pedophile rings and worse, was ridiculed as conspiracy (even though people like David Icke, abuse survivors and whistleblowers have been talking about it for decades). Well....the NXIVM court case, the resulting child trafficking convictions, the Epstein arrest, information connected to his circle of associates, and the related documents due to be unsealed prove otherwise. This is the tip of a very big, deep iceberg, and part of the public’s awakening process to what is actually going on among the power-players of our world.

A lot of this has been slowly revealed to people with the Q drops. These drops have been labelled everything from a psy-op, a hoax to part of the plan to save the world. My advice: don’t dismiss something that is constantly being validated, be open-minded, open at your own pace, take breaks from the rabbit hole research for your own mental/emotional health, and at the same time don’t sit around waiting for an external saviour. We ALL have to be part of the solution. Whatever you think of Q, it has been the most effective way to get millions of people talking about things that were only ever discussed on “conspiracy research” forums. It has got people asking questions, researching for themselves, uncovering info and connecting dots. There is no way that truth can be buried now, even while the internet is being scrubbed as quickly as possible when it comes to certain photo’s, videos, mentions of names etc. Too many people have a copy of everything.

Recent articles re Epstein:

The great awakening is in process. Buckle up!

How are you feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

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