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Reality vs Reality Show

Neo, Matrix Reloaded

There is an old parable that goes something like this.

A man was walking toward a town. He came across an old, wise man

and asked him: “What are the people like here?”

The wise man replied, “What were the people like in the last town you were in?”

“They were good, kind and helpful.”

“Ah,” said the old man. “The people in this town are like that too.”

The man happily entered the town, looking forward to it.

Another man walked toward the town, and he too came across the old, wise man. He also asked the question, “What are the people like here?”

Again the wise man replied, “What were they like in the last town you were in?”

“They were mean, angry and hurtful!”

“Ah,” said the old man. “The people in this town are like that too.”

The man walked toward the town feeling apprehensive with his guard up.

This parable carries the message that we usually experience what we expect to experience. This can happen a few different ways. The second man may genuinely meet one mean person after the other, drawing them to himself like a magnet. Or he may meet regular people going about their business, but trigger their angry side with his already defensive attitude. Finally, he might meet great people, but not be able to see their goodness because he has his guard up and is on the lookout for their bad side. All of these things add up to “create our reality.”

Our reality isn’t just about what is happening in front of us – it’s also defined by the way we feel about what we see, and by the way we perceive what is happening. Our perception, in most cases, plays a huge role in creating our reality – for better or worse. Our perception can think something is reality when it is in fact a reality show, complete with controlled actors reading off a script.

It’s good to check in with where your lens of perception is coming from, especially when it comes to anything that triggers strong emotion in you.

- What story have you told yourself about this or that person,

this or that situation?

Soul Tip: Next time you find yourself feeling yourself emotionally triggered, be it at home with your partner or children, with family or people at work, on social media, or while reading, watching or listening to something,

Take a deep breath and ask yourself:

- Why am I really upset?

- Is there another way I can look at this situation or person?

Right now, reality has a hyper-technicolour, surround sound vibe to it as if someone has turned up the dial on everything. There are wild storylines playing out everywhere we look, both in our closer circles of family, friends and colleagues, to out in the wider world. This is happening because everything, absolutely everything, that has been swept under a carpet, hidden behind a veil, buried – whether in your subconscious or in a cabal secret tunnel - is coming out. From personal childhood issues to power-player hunger games on the global stage, it is all coming up – for resolution, for closure, for healing, for transformation, for release, for exposure, for rebirth.

Likewise, we are being aligned with our authentic selves – personally, socially and collectively. So what may appear to you as chaos or collapse is actually just the old, outworn, outgrown parts of you (and parts of society) falling away – or being dragged into the new kicking and screaming. It is the demolition before the rebuild. It is the glare of unfamiliar light that burns after we’ve been in the dark for too long.

The future is like a magnetic compass pulling us all forward right now – we are hurtling toward the total transformation of Earth and humanity whether we feel ready or not, whether everyone likes it or not. The future is a good one – how do we know? Because life naturally evolves. A plant will always grow up toward the light. A seed will always sprout from the deepest soil, and its stalk and leaves will always find the surface. This is how nature works. This is how life works. And at the end of the day, we as living humans are part of nature. We are life. We are not the systems that have contained and controlled us.

Whatever force has been trying to keep us down or has kept us asleep at the wheel, our own survival mechanisms have finally kicked in. From survival of humanity as a species, to survival of your soul’s unique light and power, and your right to embody this light and power, express it and use it in the world in a good way. Sometimes it takes a drastic situation to activate this soul survival mechanism, and so this adds to the current dramatic reality show climate that we’re in because we’re being activated en-masse as our soul alarm clocks are going off one after the other! (Definitely people have been awake and activated for decades, but right now there is a “mass awakening” occurring on multiple topic levels).

Survival sounds like a desperate state, but in many ways we have been in a desperate state for as long as we have stayed asleep within a reality show (be that the global power-player reality show, or any sabotaging beliefs reality show that have kept us small). Survival is the part of the movie where the adrenalin kicks in, you liberate yourself from any oppressors, you help others free themselves where possible, and together start anew. Only then can come the true thriving phase, the new systems, the new structures, the new paradigm, new ways of being, living and doing.

So here we are, millions of people together waking up out of our The Matrix meets The Truman Show meets The Wizard of Oz reality show phase, ready and raring to join in the creation of an authentic new reality. What a time to be alive!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

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