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The Great Awakening

This past week celebrities and mainstream media are defending multiple Hollywood people for their extensive history of tweets and vids about pedophilia as "just jokes." They are calling NXIVM a sex cult when the actual charges are related to child sex trafficking. They are trying to tell you that all these accusations are an alt right baseless conspiracy. Obviously we can't throw names out there without personal experience or evidence but some people do have that, and they are speaking out loudly right now. This is not a left/right issue, it's a right/wrong issue. This is connected to the reason many of you are here: to free humanity from an elite power structure that has gone on for Millenia. Anyone loudly defending the indefensible is either in on it, owned, in fear, in major denial or hasn't yet gone down the rabbit hole to encounter the truth. The child-related crimes are what will crack everything else open: the global elite that have been controlling society for thousands of years. What will blow your mind when the penny drops is realising how it's all connected: The power structure Child trafficking Ritual abuse Mind control Control over humanity The great awakening Buckle up.

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