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Leo Solar Eclipse: Truth, Strength, Courage

11 August Leo Solar Eclipse Themes: Strength, Courage, Bravery. The strength, courage and bravery needed to stand up and speak the truth, and seek the truth, is rising up in us.

The truth is blazing like an inferno in our personal lives and for our collective.

Truth can at first trigger emotional and spiritual death: death of old illusions about what you believed to be real. Shock, grief, sadness, pain, anger and denial are all part of the death process as is the slow dawning acceptance that the old can no longer be. The acceptance paves the way for gradual healing and rebirth of something new: a new perspective, new identity, new life, new ways of being, and even...a new Earth and new version of humanity.

Truth-tellers have for thousands of years been vilified by those who rely on illusion for their profit and power. For thousands of years the truth has been covered by something that appeared stronger. But light and truth always finds a way to the surface, because light and truth are our natural states of being. You can cover the Sun by as many dark clouds as you like, but the Sun is still the Sun and its rays will always shine through eventually.

Awakening to truth isn't all rainbows and light. A confrontation with the dark is necessary to see the whole big picture and awaken qualities we didn't know we had. From that comes true power, strength and freedom. Now is the time to bravely face the truth within yourself, and together within our world.


Life these days feels as if humanity is slowly awakening from an anaesthetic that we were given long ago that had us under a sleepy spell. We did as we were told (aside from a few awake truth-tellers every generation). We forgot who we were and where we came from. Forgot our true history and herstory. Forgot our power and potential. Those who remembered, and tried to wake others, were punished.

It feels like that anaesthetic had a time-limit, after which it would start wearing off. We have reached that time-limit now. One by one, the eyelids are opening. Anything that was frozen is thawing. It feels like waking up after a deep sleep.

We are seeing what we couldn't see before. We are feeling what we couldn't feel. We are remembering what we once knew.

There's no stopping this momentum now. It's no longer happening on just an energy level. It's landed in mainstream Main Street physical reality. Old powers don't like it but c'est la vie. It's our turn to take the wheel.

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