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What's more likely?

What's more likely?

A. Thousands of people have lied for 35+ years talking about their experiences as victims and survivors of a global, child-trafficking, humanity-controlling network involving politicians, government officials, CIA, Hollywood, billionaires, royalty, judges, police, media, foster care agencies and humanitarian organisations, with all sharing consistent details including high-profile names, ritual abuse, dark ceremonies, trauma-based mind control techniques and the uses of the fragmented identities those techniques create, whose stories have increasingly been validated especially over the last couple of years/couple of weeks.


B. Thousands of people have been involved in covering up this network.

The louder the media are being this week, telling people not to look over there, the more people are looking up people like Isaac Kappy and Fiona Barnett.

We can't talk about our "awakening" without being awake to those who have tried to keep humanity asleep and listen to those who are trying to wake us up.

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