The new paradigm of feminine fire

What do these gorgeous women have in common? They have just turned 70 or are about to, except for the awesome Buffy Saint-Marie who is a spectacular 75. They all look fabulous. They all continue to work on new projects, speak their truth, engage in activism, and express their creative fire. Welcome to the new reality. These divine sparks and so many more to mention, are part of the massive paradigm shift occurring as the sacred, roaring, creative creator She reclaims her place and power on our planet. For too long we have been told what women can and can't do, what we should and shouldn't wear at a certain age, how we should act when we become mothers, and where our limits lie. We have b

Being the 'new' you around your 'old' life

A question came through on the Let Love In page* regarding how much more easeful it is to 'rechoose' who you are while travelling eg shedding old patterns etc, and what a struggle it can be to maintain that when you get back home. I wanted to share my reply here because I thought how similar the experience of a long travel trip is, to the process of change we go through during our ongoing 'inner travel' trips and awakening process. Both trigger similar challenges when it comes to how to stay true to your 'new' while continuing to still be in some 'old'. When we travel (actual travel or inner growth) we get a chance to discover more of who we are without being boxed in to being that person'

Full Moon, Mars and Mercury

If you've had a week that feels kind of like a pressure cooker set to explode, you can thank the upcoming Full Moon in Sag this weekend that has Mars accompanying it. In Australia we have those coloured fire ban charts where it's either blue or green on the lower end, then goes to yellow, orange and red on the extreme end, culminating in the black striped 'code red' which basically means get out of there. The astro weather forecast for this weekend, which we have already felt all of this week, is pretty much like the orange-red part of the fire ban chart, and some of you may be having the joy of having the code red bells going off. You all know that a Full Moon heightens emotions. When Mars

Jupiter: "I'm back baby!"

Jupiter went direct on Monday, and more and more every day this week we have felt him picking up speed, brushing off the dust that gathered from a slower pace, new pep in his step after a grease and oil change, and woo woo, blowing his horn to say "I've been a bit (seemingly) away but I'm back baby!" Jupiter is the first of the 'famous five' retrograding planets to start his journey forward. He governs abundance, good fortune, wealth, expansion, positivity and the good things in life. Jupiter has been in retrograde since the first week of the year, so if you have felt like it has been a slow start financially or you've had some frustrating stop starts kicking off desired goals, it will defin

The Truth is ..on a need to know basis

In November 1976 during President-elect Jimmy Carter's intelligence briefing provided by the CIA he allegedly asked: "I want to have the information that we have on UFOs and extraterrestrial intelligence. I want to know about this as President." According to Marcia Smith, (then Director of the Science and Technology Division of the Library of Congress' Congressional Research Service), George Bush Snr, (then Director of the CIA) said: "No . . . that he wasn’t going to give this to him . . . that this was information that existed on a need to know basis only. Simple curiosity on the part of the President wasn’t adequate." People hope that if we just get the right person in charge then things w

(Un)Holy Fires

Sunday was the Orthodox Easter. Over the next 24 hours, the following churches were set on fire: Serbian Orthodox Church in New York Greek Orthodox Church in Melbourne Macedonian Orthodox Church in Sydney Russian Orthodox Monastery in Russia The media are reporting this as unrelated incidents. For F sake!! I feel like slapping news reporters sometimes but then I remember all the stories I have heard from journalists who try to do the right thing and report truth: usually, they are told exactly what they can say and what they can't, and these days a lot of news readers are reading straight off a script that has been sent to thousands of stations. It's either that or lose your job, and the goo

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