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Full Moon, Mars and Mercury

If you've had a week that feels kind of like a pressure cooker set to explode, you can thank the upcoming Full Moon in Sag this weekend that has Mars accompanying it.

In Australia we have those coloured fire ban charts where it's either blue or green on the lower end, then goes to yellow, orange and red on the extreme end, culminating in the black striped 'code red' which basically means get out of there.

The astro weather forecast for this weekend, which we have already felt all of this week, is pretty much like the orange-red part of the fire ban chart, and some of you may be having the joy of having the code red bells going off.

You all know that a Full Moon heightens emotions. When Mars gets into the mix, he adds his energy-fuelled, testosterone-driven, assertive, sometimes aggressive mojo into that emotional pool. It's all happening in Sagittarius, who loves nothing more than freedom, independence and adventure. So what does all this mean?

Energy right now, within us and around us, will want to be asserting itself with a cry of "I want to do what I want to do! Don't rein me in! Don't tell me what to do! I am a free being!" So wherever you have been feeling repressed around this, or if someone has been trying to lord it over you, your energy is going to respond with a great big Joan of Arc "Rooooaaarrrrrhhhhh get out of my way!!!!!!"

It is the energy of the wild horse who refuses to be tamed or controlled.

On the other side of the coin, ego's will be triggered. Wherever there is someone saying "You can't control me anymore" there is another seething with anger who ups the ante with their controlling tendencies.

So there is a kind of a battle between freedom and control, independence and domination. Power struggles are in there too, owning our power vs someone trying to take our power or tell us we have no power. And it's all coming to a head. And just like a pot with boiling water, if the heat is on too high the water will spill over which does make a bit of a mess, but also eases the pressure.

It's not all anger and ego. Mars is also about inspiration and he loves to give us an action-oriented booster shoot, saying 'C'mon, when are you going to stop talking and start walking? When are you going to stop just dreaming about this idea and start doing something about it?" So this Raaahhh energy can also play out within our own creative juices, where we feel 'Enough of the procrastination already!!! I need to get this happening already!!"

This energy has been building to a crescendo, peaking on Saturday night/Sunday morning, at the same time that Mercury Retro has started slowing down in preparation for going Direct on Monday. I've gotta say, I do love astro synchronicity. All this pressure builds up, it releases and abates, and then ahhhhh, Mercury Direct comes along like someone emerging out of a shower fresh as a daisy, "What a lovely day! What's for breakfast?" Meanwhile the Full Moon and Mars are at the breakfast table, eyeballs deep in breakfast dishes, utterly exhausted after cooking for 7 days straight. They wave down to the gorgeous gourmet breakfast prepared with plenty of blood, sweat, tears and putting out fires, and say to Mercury.. "We're off to bed now, wake us in a month." Mercury thinks "What's their problem??"

Ahhh, life. It goes up and down, it explodes and turns inward, but then you get these glorious little pockets where all is well.

If you've had an emotional week, it will ease from Sunday onward. Know that everything is being shaken up so that it can release, and ultimately clear out anything standing in the way of your freedom and healthy expression of energy.

Please feel free to share!

How are you all feeling?

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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