Shaken not stirred: coming out of the Eclipses

SHAKEN NOT STIRRED: Even though the recent Solar and Lunar Eclipses were only 2 days in the calendar, we are still within the effect period. Eclipses can have a direct impact on your life in the 2 weeks - and in some cases 1 month - prior to occurring, and after occurrence. It's kind of like when a wave comes rushing in from the ocean. Yes there is the moment of crashing onto the shore, but just as relevant is the lead up as the wave builds, and then the gravitational pull as the tide captures everything in its way and draws it into the ocean. So over the last month you may have had some big things happen, be they external changes or inner shifts, or breakdowns or breakthroughs. A lot of peo

Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra

Photo by Kat Today we have a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Libra. Libra is about balance and harmony, so if you have any major emotional events, interactions or epiphanies today, know that it is about bringing yourself, your energy, your inner or outer world into a greater place of balance in some way. Now, Mercury in Aries and the Sun in Aries are opposite the Full Moon today, and Aries is all about the Self, where Libra is all about the Other. Aries likes to make sure me, myself and I are taken care of, while Libra's focus is on you, we, us and relationship. We all have a tendency to lean more toward either an Aries or Libran approach to life, and so it is important for things to come alon

New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces

The Wednesday Wisdom Seeds are taking a break this week as we talk about today's New Moon Solar Eclipse in Pisces! Solar Eclipses come along to trigger and accelerate "destined" events. Okay, yes, we create our own reality through our daily choices, actions, thoughts and vibe, but our Soul came into this life with an overall plan, with specific and general goals to experience, achieve and accomplish. We have a good amount of free reign regarding how we go about doing what we set out to do, but from time to time astrological alignments pop up to give us a little boost in the right direction. Life events are unexpectedly accelerated or broken apart, life paths are altered or adjusted. It's lik

Royal Commission: Truth & Healing

Thinking of the survivors and their families who have been in the courtroom this week, and watching overseas, while the Australian Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church cross-examines George Pell in Rome. Pell's responses clearly show what those responses were, and still are from those adamant to stay in a dense, old energy way of being. We are living in times when truth is coming out from under the carpet, shedding light on what was, correcting a mythical history to one that is more accurate even if uglier. Lives that have been hurt, ruined or ended by that ugliness, can be vindicated, validated, acknowledged and stood up for, if not by

Wednesday Wisdom Seeds #4: Cave time is good for your soul

Photo Credit: Melissa Emmons Video Version Last week we talked about hiding from other people or from the world in general. This week we are going to look at it from another angle. Today’s Wednesday Wisdom Seeds is about the Restorative Cave, the healthy need to retreat, and give ourselves permission to take a step back, or to take time out. In our society there is a lot of focus on action, on achieving and on doing. Those qualities are great, but when we don’t balance them out with rest, with reflection on where we are going and why, or take time to touch base with how we’re feeling and whether or not we’re being true to ourselves, we end up feeling burned out, drained or heading toward a

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