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Royal Commission: Truth & Healing

Thinking of the survivors and their families who have been in the courtroom this week, and watching overseas, while the Australian Royal Commission on Institutional Responses to child sexual abuse within the Catholic Church cross-examines George Pell in Rome.

Pell's responses clearly show what those responses were, and still are from those adamant to stay in a dense, old energy way of being. We are living in times when truth is coming out from under the carpet, shedding light on what was, correcting a mythical history to one that is more accurate even if uglier.

Lives that have been hurt, ruined or ended by that ugliness, can be vindicated, validated, acknowledged and stood up for, if not by the perpetrators then by a global community who stand beside the innocents. This doesn't fix a lifetime of the effects of abuse, it can't change what happened, but it can hopefully contribute to the creation of more healing services, offer some soothing and support, and assist in changing what has gone on for too long so that future generations of children are safe.

Some wounds can't be healed, but it is healing to have a society see those wounds without turning our heads, without saying 'don't be silly, that couldn't of happened', and instead saying "we see these wounds, we will look at them with our eyes open, we will hear the painful details, and we will do everything possible to make sure this doesn't happen again."

Society owes a lot to the brave souls who expose truth, on this topic and all others. So much of the old world system has been set up to make truth-tellers sound crazy, and it is a good, good time to be alive when a new system comes aboard, and when society awakens and not only accepts but demands the truth come out.

To everyone involved with bringing truth to light at the ‪#‎CARoyalComm‬, thank you for what you are doing. I stand with you.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2016

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