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July Monthly Message: In the blink of an eye...all changes

Trigger warning: mentions losing loved ones

This monthly message is being written later than usual and will be shorter than usual due to a series of unexpected circumstances, which is quite appropriate for the energies at hand. My mother-in-law passed on and we’ve been organising a beautiful service for her. My grandmother who is late-stage Alzheimer’s had another hospital trip. An extended family member tragically lost their life. An avalanche of emotional events and loss of loved ones are being experienced by so many around us, and I know that the same will be true for many of you reading this.

In our circle of family, friends and wider community of acquaintances, there have been multiple losses of parents and parents-in-law this month, health issues and various challenging emotional experiences. Mantra of the month seems to be: “This is too much.” If you have had quite the month, sending you a lot of love. Know that you are not alone.

All of July is leading up to one big enchilada of an astro event on July 31/Aug 1: the triple conjunction of Mars, Uranus and the North Node at 18 degrees of Taurus.

  • Mars is raw energy which can be expressed as physical force, explosiveness, assertive action, adrenalin, forward motion, rage or anger.

  • Uranus is unexpected shocks, things that happen out of left field, erraticness, electricity in the air, an urge for freedom, rebelliousness, revolutionary acts and innovation

  • North Node is our compass, turning our train track to new directions for the purpose of growth and expansion

All of these influences combined can feel like a Mack truck crashing into a volcano, yet amid the lava spurting out and electricity short-circuiting, new land forms and new realities are born. With these influences, the changes can be sudden, changing your life or aspects of your life in the blink of an eye. Yet, it takes time for the new land forms and new realities to form fully, and to feel stability under your feet. Have patience with yourself in the aftermath of any major life events.

Add to this: on July 21 Mars is on the same degree of the April 30 Solar Eclipse at 10 degrees of Taurus. Whenever there is a Solar Eclipse, I look for when Mars next hits that same degree – Mars activates the Eclipse’s energy. As an example, the April 30 Solar Eclipse was on my mother-in-law’s birthday and we had what ended up being her last big family gathering. Tomorrow on 18 July, with the Mars activation in progress, we gather again, this time to lay her at rest.

If you go back in your diary, did anything significant happen around April 30 for you or those around you? Events, energies or emotions related to that week may come up again in this time leading up to July 21. These activations can also herald positive and happy events. In March 2011, we found out I was pregnant with Jaxon the day that Mars activated the Jan 2011 Solar Eclipse degree.