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December Message: Phoenix Rising

Pic: Artist Unknown

For almost 2 years humanity has been going through a concentrated, collective death/renewal/rebirth process. We are making our way out of the old control matrix as it collapses around us. The illusions that held the old world together are being revealed. As we begin to see more clearly we can experience grief…all seven stages of grief interwoven and overlapping. Also interwoven are the seeds of the new and hope for a new beginning, built on a more solid foundation, one that is more in alignment with who we truly are.

You might be thinking “What are you talking about? Old world and old control collapsing? The old control systems are stronger and louder than ever!” On the surface it may seem as if the control structure has tightened its grip, ushering in a dystopian new reality that is a far cry from the new Earth we’ve been envisioning. However, what have you learned about the process that happens when you start to finally let go of a destructive old pattern, or when you finally start to walk away from a toxic relationship? The pattern or person gets louder. It starts making threats like “You are nothing without me! You will not be able to survive without me, go anywhere or do anything! No-one will want to be around you!” Our governments and media are using similar words, acting exactly as an abusive partner would when they know you are about to leave.

“The greater the push, the greater the pushback” is something that’s come through these messages a lot since March 2020, meaning the more controlling and coercive the government becomes and the more non-sense-ical the rules, the more the people will pushback. The opposite is true too: the more the people wake up, push back and arise, the more crazy the response becomes from those (formerly) in power and control.

As a humanity, this is our collective Phoenix Rising moment, as we move into a full Phoenix Rebirth over the coming decade. However, like with any transformation, rebirth is always preceded by death of the old. With death, comes grief in all its many forms.

Many of us are experiencing the seven stages of grief, in no particular order, moving from one stage to another and back again. Sometimes spending weeks in one stage, other times experiencing several in one day.

The seven stages are:

Shock and denial

We can experience this on a recurring basis every time yet another layer of the illusion is revealed, and every time we realize/real eyes a truth that we weren’t aware of. Sometimes shock is accompanied by sharp clarity and heightened awareness regarding what is. Other times shock is accompanied by its shock-absorber friend Denial. Denial can be an emotional and mental coping mechanism when something is too shocking to be immediately absorbed.

As the awakening increases, these shocks are coming hard and fast. It can feel like being in a dodgem car that’s getting slammed every few minutes. For those who are no longer able to be in denial, distraction can serve as a pseudo-shock-absorber. While it’s not the healthiest thing to be constantly distracted, finding healthy ways to temporarily distract yourself can keep you sane and centred during times when it all feels like too much.

Pain and guilt