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December Message: Phoenix Rising

Pic: Artist Unknown

For almost 2 years humanity has been going through a concentrated, collective death/renewal/rebirth process. We are making our way out of the old control matrix as it collapses around us. The illusions that held the old world together are being revealed. As we begin to see more clearly we can experience grief…all seven stages of grief interwoven and overlapping. Also interwoven are the seeds of the new and hope for a new beginning, built on a more solid foundation, one that is more in alignment with who we truly are.

You might be thinking “What are you talking about? Old world and old control collapsing? The old control systems are stronger and louder than ever!” On the surface it may seem as if the control structure has tightened its grip, ushering in a dystopian new reality that is a far cry from the new Earth we’ve been envisioning. However, what have you learned about the process that happens when you start to finally let go of a destructive old pattern, or when you finally start to walk away from a toxic relationship? The pattern or person gets louder. It starts making threats like “You are nothing without me! You will not be able to survive without me, go anywhere or do anything! No-one will want to be around you!” Our governments and media are using similar words, acting exactly as an abusive partner would when they know you are about to leave.

“The greater the push, the greater the pushback” is something that’s come through these messages a lot since March 2020, meaning the more controlling and coercive the government becomes and the more non-sense-ical the rules, the more the people will pushback. The opposite is true too: the more the people wake up, push back and arise, the more crazy the response becomes from those (formerly) in power and control.

As a humanity, this is our collective Phoenix Rising moment, as we move into a full Phoenix Rebirth over the coming decade. However, like with any transformation, rebirth is always preceded by death of the old. With death, comes grief in all its many forms.

Many of us are experiencing the seven stages of grief, in no particular order, moving from one stage to another and back again. Sometimes spending weeks in one stage, other times experiencing several in one day.

The seven stages are:

Shock and denial

We can experience this on a recurring basis every time yet another layer of the illusion is revealed, and every time we realize/real eyes a truth that we weren’t aware of. Sometimes shock is accompanied by sharp clarity and heightened awareness regarding what is. Other times shock is accompanied by its shock-absorber friend Denial. Denial can be an emotional and mental coping mechanism when something is too shocking to be immediately absorbed.

As the awakening increases, these shocks are coming hard and fast. It can feel like being in a dodgem car that’s getting slammed every few minutes. For those who are no longer able to be in denial, distraction can serve as a pseudo-shock-absorber. While it’s not the healthiest thing to be constantly distracted, finding healthy ways to temporarily distract yourself can keep you sane and centred during times when it all feels like too much.

Pain and guilt

The pain of grief isn’t just connected to physical deaths. It can be due to any kind of loss or ending (relationships, job, career, home etc). It can be triggered by deception and betrayal. The letting go of a dream, the confrontation with who someone really is, the realisation that something wasn’t what you thought it was, not being able to see or visit loved ones for a long time, being excluded from gatherings and society, all of these things can bring up the pain of grief.

As sensitives and empaths it’s natural to not only feel deeply, but also to feel, or at the least be aware of, what everyone else is feeling too. It can be excruciating to see what is happening, and not be able to get through to everyone you love.

Everyone is going through this process in the way they need to go through it. If you have been through a dark night of the soul, done your shadow work or inner child healing, you’ll know that you can’t see what you need to see, hear what you need to hear or heal what you need to heal until you are truly ready. That way, your knowing becomes embodied knowing. A knowing that is real, that has arisen from a deep place within. Everyone on the planet has to go through this as a kind of initiation into true self-mastery, self-awareness, authenticity and empowerment. Everyone has to have their own ‘wake-up’ moments in their own time, in their own way. This doesn’t mean that you can’t plant seeds or offer support. It just means you can’t force the seeds or support onto anyone. Also, try not to take it personally if the seeds are ignored or the support gets rejected.

Sometimes you might feel guilty if you’re actually doing well, and others aren’t. If you are doing well, use that light and momentum proudly! Dimming your light helps no-one. The more that we shine our light, the more that other people will be able to find their own torch to guide their own way.

Anger and bargaining

Anger is a natural part of the grief process. In the context of our collective death/rebirth, we might be feeling anger toward whoever started this covid situation, anger at the governments, politicians and media, and anger at other people. Some people are feeling angry at everyone who isn’t complying, while others are feeling angry at those who are; both groups believing that the other is to blame for all this continuing.

Bargaining has played a huge role for many this year. “If we do xyz then we will get our old life back.” However that’s not the way death works. The broken false promises and constantly moving goalposts are showing everyone that we can’t bargain our way out of this. The old world is gone. It is time to go into a new world.

The desire to ‘go back to how things were’ is the hook that will keep people playing along, but only for so many people, and only for so long.

There is no going back to how things were, in the same way that you can’t go back to an old relationship once you truly acknowledge that the person is abusive. There is only a) a dystopian attempt to create a hyper-controlled new world sprinkled with occasional crumbs of ‘freedom’, (ie the abusive partner wants to keep you in the relationship) or b) authentic freedom and awakening, leading to the creation of a harmonious new world. One by one people are unhooking and choosing option b, as each in their own time decide/realize that option a is intolerable.

Sadness and depression, loneliness and isolation

Our hearts become heavy as we walk through grief. We wonder sometimes if we’ll ever feel happy again, or even ‘normal’. We can be feeling disillusioned, and for good reason. We are being dis-illusioned. Our illusions about the world are coming down as we see the truth and reality behind the curtains of governments, news-media, Hollywood, organisations and corporations.

Depending on how much you trusted/believed in these institutions, this dis-illusionment will impact you to a lesser or greater degree. However, even if we didn’t ever trust them it can still be traumatising to become aware of the depth and extent of deliberate deceptions and control agendas. Add to this the challenge of being aware while family or friends around you still only see the façade and illusion that’s being presented. It can be a very lonely place to be. The good news is that there has never before been millions upon millions of aware people who are right alongside you. Connect with like-minds and like-hearts to remind yourself that you are not alone.

The upward turn

These are the good moments and good days. It’s when you come out from under the blankets and find something good about the world, focus on something good in your life, and remember the saying ‘this too shall pass.’

Reconstruction and working through

There is a Zen proverb: “Before enlightenment, chop wood, carry water. After enlightenment chop wood, carry water.” With every death, there is a rebirth. Part of that rebirth is the slow reconstruction of the new: the new identity, new beliefs, new ways of doing things. It can be an up and down process, trial and error, confusion and clarity. “If I am not this, then what am I? If reality is not that, then what is it? If our former governments and news-media no longer work, then what does?” We are at one of those moments in history that will be looked back upon as a Renaissance: a new beginning birthed from the ashes of the old.

Acceptance and hope

Finally, acceptance and hope. Coming to terms with a situation is empowering because from here you can move forward. In the context of our current global situation this doesn’t mean accepting the dystopian reality. It means accepting, seeing clearly, that the ‘powers that were’ no longer have our best interests at heart. We have to accept the death of our old illusions if we are to move forward into our next chapter of humanity.

The hope for a way forward exists within the millions upon millions of people marching at freedom rallies all around the world every weekend, and among everyone who supports them, who shares information online, who is awake and aware. Hope exists within the brave men and women standing up, speaking truth, saying no to mandates, v passports and never-ending lockdowns. These men and women are doctors, virologists, immunologists, epidemiologists, professors, academics, scientists, psychologists, nurses, teachers, rare politicians, police, firefighters, paramedics, mothers, fathers, and regular people who are saying no to the dystopia and division, and yes to freedom and unity. These rallies are often called protests, however really they are a call for a new world. They are a call for new types of governments, new forms of media and a united, empowered, free humanity.

Someone commented on one of my posts recently, where I had shared some photos of a freedom rally here in Sydney. It was such a joyous day, at least 100,000-150,000 people, all ages, all nationalities, all races, flags from all around the world, the v’d and the un-v’d, all together for freedom. The comment said that they had followed me for years but were deeply disappointed that I was supporting these rallies. Clearly there are others who feel the same way because I always lose a bunch of followers whenever I share any photo related to any freedom rally from anywhere in the world. My entire life work has revolved around this moment that we are in now: the mass awakening of humanity. Humanity awakening to the power structure that has controlled us for so long. Humanity coming together, freeing ourselves from the old world, and coming together, in unity, creating something new. Here we are, at last. So it is curious that anyone who has followed my work would unfollow now that we are finally cracking the egg open. I don’t mind that people unfollow if they don’t resonate. My curiosity lies more around the actual idea/viewpoint that is being unfollowed: That is, this freedom movement is the Shift that we have been waiting for, with Covid and associated restrictions being the trojan horse designed to stop it (yet ironically it only served to activate it!) However, some people are seeing the freedom movement as the threat, and the government restrictions as the saviours. It is fascinating. Time will tell who is who and what is what. Everyone is entitled to their own perspective.

The old power structure knew this was coming, and they knew they had to crack down hard to try to stop the inevitable. Their plan has been decades (centuries? millennia?) in the making. It has unfolded with precision as each country and government performs lockstep in sync with each other: same script, same narrative, same push, same quashing of all questioning voices including those of health experts, same repression of effective treatments and on it goes. You really have to give them credit for how organised it has all been. However, they can’t quash the emerging light. They can’t cancel destiny.

We are almost two-thirds of the way through the March 2020-March 2023 Saturn in Aquarius journey. Humanity is crossing a threshold and a choice-point. Do we accept the authoritarian, tracked and traced dystopian reality, or do we quantum leap into the reality of our destiny: one of freedom and unity? As we move into and through 2022 more people will cross over to the freedom/unity choice. It will not be given to us. We have to stand up and choose it.

Unfortunately, it is usually only when we experience pain personally, or have our ‘enough is enough’ moment, that we finally make that choice to see what we couldn’t see, to hear what we didn’t want to hear, to speak what we were too afraid to say and to choose something that we would never otherwise have chosen had the old not gotten so uncomfortable. That is part of the initiation process, so that our new selves and indeed new world truly comes from within us. This is important, so that our new foundations are strong, sustainable and sovereign. With all this in mind, every single thing unfolding on the planet right now has a divine purpose. The old had to get louder and uglier, so as to push the majority into their full awakening and power. In the meantime, those who are already awake are here holding the light and holding the (time) line, welcoming more and more as they walk across.

Go gentle with yourself as you navigate these times. Going through a collective death/rebirth is no small thing. Pay attention to your feelings and acknowledge that much of what you are feeling from one day to the next are natural stages of the grief process, even as other parts of you are excited for the emerging new.

Wishing you all a safe, happy and healthy holiday season.

Much love,


(c) Dana Mrkich 2021


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