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Riding the Storm

Schumann Resonance Oct 28, 2019

The intensity of last Monday’s Scorpio New Moon opposite Uranus (28 Oct) has, for a lot of people, continued. Deep emotional releases from heavy crying to rage-like anger to feeling generally frazzled has many feeling out of sorts- even while things in your life might be generally okay.

At the same time the Schumann Resonance was pumping strong (imagine your heart beating faster than usual, and you feel that thump thump thump stronger than usual....only this is Earth’s heart beat). Much like the Solar Flares, this can make energetically sensitive people feel emotional, can ramp up anxiety because it’s revving up the nervous system, can trigger physical heart palpitations, fatigue, adrenalin surges and a need to just find a quiet place to rest and restore. Sometimes we can feel super energised, creative and motivated when the Schumann Resonance is high so it may have affected you that way.

With the energy feeling very much like electric static I had originally thought this would ease as the moon moved away from that Uranus opposition. But err, no. It appears that influence is still with us as the moon prepares to go Full next Wednesday, nestled right alongside Uranus in Taurus. Yes you read that correctly. We’re going from a New Moon opposite Uranus, to a Full Moon being on Uranus. (While not being exactly on the Uranus degree it is close enough to warrant being called a Uranus Full Moon.) May as well get our brown paper bags out now, breathe in…and out…breathe in….and out!

On a personal level this particular New to Full Moon fortnight has been like a Scuba Diving Ride you didn’t realise you were in line for. Heck, you didn’t even know you were in an adventure park. One minute you’re washing the dishes, the next you’re breathing into those brown paper bags, sobbing uncontrollably about something that happened 40 years ago. Or something that happened 40 seconds ago that wasn’t really that big a deal, so WHY AM I SOBBING LIKE THIS!!! Or you are breathing into the paper bag because you’re trying really hard not to lose your shit for the tenth time this week because a lot of anger is coming up. Or things have just got really crazy with your schedule really fast, and your brain can’t work out how you are going to do the hundred things that suddenly showed up out of nowhere.

Scorpio loves a good scuba dive. Add Uranus to the mix and we’ve got ourselves an extreme sports version where you get zapped every few metres on the descent.

“Look at that memory!” Zap.

“Remember this issue? Did ya ever clear that?” Zap.

“Aww, you’ve still got that wound? Poke, poke.” Ouch! Zap.

Now I’ve got a scene from Willy Wonka in my head where the Oompa Loompas have to roll Violet to the juicing room and are singing that Oompa Loompa Oompa Dee Daa song as they squeeze out the excess juice, iron her out and send her back to her parents’ excess free. That’s us right now…..being wrung out like towels, and feeling strung out in the process!

Breathe deeply.

Move slowly.

Try to stay present mentally

- too much past/future worry increases the anxiety and frazzled feeling.

Put your feet on the grass, sit on the grass, lie on the Earth.