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Emotional Digestion

With A LOT happening in the world these days, it's more important than ever to take care of your emotional state:

What is your emotional diet? What are you swallowing on a regular basis? How is your environment affecting you emotionally - from the room you wake up in, to the media/social media you watch, hear and read, to your workplace, interactions, thoughts you think and spaces you hang out in?

It's an interesting process to observe a) what am I feeling throughout each day and b) why am I feeling like this?

This topic is so relevant these days that we've made Emotional Digestion the theme for the month in our She Fire Monthly Membership Circle. If you feel you'd like to get some insight into your emotions, and declutter/spruce up your emotional environment, then this is a great month to jump in.

Each month you get:

* Prompts, processes and reading material to guide, inspire and transform you

* Movement Practice relevant to the theme (20-40 min)

* Monthly Meditation

* Monthly Live Webinar

* Private Community Forums


Full Access to our archives. Past themes have included:

Remembering our Herstory, From Survival Mode to Self Care The Motherline Mrs Gods and Mamas of God and Humanity Queens and Female Pharaohs of Ancient Egypt Womb Wisdom, Womb Healing

Let me know if you have any questions!

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