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Women, Gender, Spirituality & Social Justice

I LOVE learning! For the last 10 years I've really felt to do a Master's Degree and researched every one I could find related to the integration of Consciousness and Social Change. The US is really great when it comes to leading edge degrees, but the ones I found either didn't feel quite right or they didn't offer any online classes which I needed as I'm here in Australia.

About a year ago or so, I saw this: MA in Women, Gender, Spirituality & Social Justice. Every cell in my body said YES!!! This is the one!

I've had quite the personal shift over the last 3-5 years with my connection to SHE, the Divine Feminine Force, my Feminine Fire and Feminine Soul, and with the women's business that is Birth and Fertility, and Mothering be it our own children or the children of the world or ourselves or our local and global communities. I feel strongly called to work with this energy more and more in whatever ways the road takes me. It makes so much sense that I didn't see this degree earlier. And it feels like the most right thing ever to be doing now.

I thought Please have an online option!! YES it does! I can do half of it online!! So I did the big application process and woohoo I'm in!

I am sooo excited about what I'll learn, what it will help me to offer in the years ahead and what new things I'll get to share with you 😀💃🔥🌺✨

(C) Dana Mrkich 2017

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