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Shifting your emotional set-point

If your life was a building, with every floor representing a certain emotion that you end up feeling time and again, which floor do you end up spending the most time on? There is a 'set-point' theory that states we all have certain conditions we naturally revert back to despite any actions we take or dreams we have to change those conditions. Thus it's often the case that the billionaire who goes bankrupt will end up a billionaire again. The person who has spent a lifetime, and generations, in financial hardship, will commonly end up with no money again years after winning the lottery. A person often goes back to the same weight range repeatedly regardless of what they eat. So too, if we are used to feeling disappointed, rejected or unsupported we will regularly re-invite that emotion into our life. Our eyes may be firmly fixed on an experience we want that exists on the penthouse level. We may even manage to get our lift to take us up there, and mingle in that environment for some time. However, if our emotional set-point is still anchored in some deep-rooted floor below, that anchor will yank us back down, making it hard to achieve, or maintain, our penthouse dreams and desires. It was a bit of a depressing thought for set-point theorists to think that we can't change our set-point lot in life, BUT studies AND lots of people's experiences are showing that in fact we CAN change our set-points. We are powerful humans with the ability to consciously un-choose our old emotional set-points, and re-choose new emotional set points. Some of the ways you can change your set point: - Tapping/EFT/NET - Energy healing, ancestral clearing, cellular memory release via bodywork/kinesiology etc, - Shadow work, journalling with your subconscious - Intentionally changing your habits/thoughts/beliefs/behaviours, catching yourself out when you are hanging out on the old floor and manually re-setting your thoughts/actions to how the 'you' on the penthouse level thinks and acts - Sticking new beliefs and thoughts up all over the house on bits of paper - Making a fierce committment to what you place your attention on both in the external and in your mind. Most of us get so dejected by constantly ending up on our old floors that we give up, or spend decades yo-yoing up and down without knowing why. We often try to get there in one big leap, when it's the little, moment by moment baby steps that will take us there slowly but steadily. Actually, bypassing the baby steps practically guarantees we'll be ejected out of the penthouse within minutes of arriving every time! Just like lifting weights at the gym, we have to train our way there bit by bit. It's catching your mind throughout the day, and mid-old thought changing the tape. It's focusing on the smallest of things around you right now to give yourself regular tastes of your preferred emotion. It takes conscious effort. It takes perseverance to get to the point where your new emotional set point becomes your new normal. Head on up to your penthouse level right now in your mind. Step out of the lift onto that floor. Feel into how the you on that level thinks, acts and feels. How is that different from the current you? How is the penthouse 'you' different from the other levels you? Don't pressure yourself to stay in the penthouse right this minute, just use this exercise to inform yourself: What is the gap between where I am now, and where I want to be? What qualities, aspects, beliefs do I need to strengthen? What emotions would the penthouse me suggest I strive for, on a daily basis, using what I have around me right now, to make my way up here and stay here? Am I actually ready for my penthouse, and if so is it just a matter of finally allowing myself to declare this to myself and allow myself to step right in and own the me that is there? Enjoy this exercise! ** If you need support to help shift some stuff in your life, come join the Create a Life you Love group. You will receive a weekly mini work-book filled with powerful info, journalling exercises, meditations and webcasts. You can start anytime.


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