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Out of Shadows

If you've been despairing that Timeline 1 (power and control based, artificial, illusions/deception, cabal etc) is so in our face right now, know that they are in our face because Timeline 2 (heart and soul based, authentic, truth-revealing/transparency, we the people etc) is in their face.

This isn't about pitting polarities against each other. Within timeline 2 we have perfect free will to feel ALL the things, happy, sad, up, down, masculine, feminine - there's nothing wrong with polarities. Earth herself needs winter/summer, day/night, it's all necessary for balance.

This is about choosing to evolve beyond a timeline where we have been controlled without our conscious awareness for thousands of years. This is about being a free, sovereign humanity who are able to live and grow and thrive and create in a NATURAL way without hidden agendas and interference.

Awakening to timeline 1 is part of the Greater Awakening to timeline 2. Millions of people are becoming aware of things that have been influencing/manipulating/controlling society and our world. This is part of how we can then choose something different and FREE of that influence.

For every bizarro thing happening right now there is an EVEN BIGGER wave of awake and aware people saying "Enough!!!!"

If you’re looking for something to watch this weekend this new doco OUT OF SHADOWS just dropped a few hours ago. It’s a great intro into how mainstream media and Hollywood have been influencing and manipulating the masses for decades in partnership with the cia and their various social control programs. Very timely info for right now.

This is a great doco to show family or loved ones who don’t know about this stuff or brush it off as conspiracy. It’s well done, sticks to facts, well researched, very grounded. ❤️

The more informed we are about timeline 1 the less unconscious hold it has on us, and the easier it is for more of us to shift to timeline 2 ✊🏽❤️🌈

April 14 Update: The "Out of Shadows" documentary has received 4.5 million views in 4 days and is going viral. Two ex Hollywood stunt men/action directors together with Liz Crokin have poured their hearts into this and have released it for free to wake up as many as possible. It is brilliantly done in that it is something you can show your friends and family, enough to red pill them but doesn't go so deep into rabbit hole territory that it would cause cognitive dissonance.

It's getting harder to find the doco through the regular YT searches so link is here.

Hold strong to the timeline you want, the one we all deserve to have, and came here to create <3

Lots of love, hope you're all well.

(C) Dana Mrkich 2020


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(c) Dana Mrkich 2020

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