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International Men's Day

💙 Thank you to all the men in my life for being such positive role models. You are fantastic dads, brothers, sons, husbands, cousins, colleagues and clients who make this world a better place, and show future generations of boys what a good man looks like 💙 You are showing them that it is okay to show your feelings, to ask for help and to cry 💙 That you want to spend time with your family and kids just as much as women do 💙 Today is about raising awareness of men’s health, men’s issues and the importance of healthy role models for other men and boys 💙 Men are 3 times more likely to commit suicide than women, on average they don’t live as long, have higher rates of homelessness, experience sexual abuse and domestic violence that they don’t talk about and in general they don’t talk about their issues as easily as women do 💙 This is changing. Lately I’ve done a few workshops and talks in the corporate arena on meditation, mindfulness, the parenting juggle and mental health...the men are showing up in droves...ready to talk, wanting support, wanting to be good dads and partners, wanting to be healthy physically, mentally and emotionally 💙 It is awesome to see the shift happening in real time. Yes we still have a way to go for both men and women, but the awareness around balance, healthy masculinity and health on all levels is higher now ever 💗💙❤️💙

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

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