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Freeing ourselves from the Matrix

The theme of the moment is all about freeing ourselves – freeing our thoughts, minds, beliefs, feelings, actions and consciousness, particularly from influences that are (or have been) false, disempowering and manufactured. From there we can be who we really are, and live the lives we all want and deserve to live.

First, let’s look at this coming week’s astro influences, and then see how it relates to what’s happening for us personally and collectively.

Jupiter is about to go direct on 11/12 August (14 Sag), followed by Uranus turning retrograde the very next day (6 Taurus), and then a Full Moon (22 Aquarius) on 15 August.

Jupiter is the planet of expansion, abundance, good fortune, higher learning, overseas travel, international connections, and metaphysical knowledge. It’s currently travelling in its home territory of Sagittarius so here Jupiter is in his element. If you’ve been waiting for a green light to move forward with something, many of you will get that this coming week – especially with Mercury (communications planet) finally out of its shadow period on 16 August.

Jupiter is also the planet of fame, and how timely - this weekend we have 2000 Epstein documents being unsealed, bringing more of the truth to light regarding the many famous people associated with him, raising questions about their connection to trafficking-related activities. (More on that further below).

Jupiter’s vibe is “Go big! Be you!” With all the get up and go Leo energy about in August, you might feel like a rocket has been lit underneath you. If you want to finally just go for it in some life area, now is a great time to take some action steps:

Which life area do you want to expand or transform?

What dream do you want to fulfill?

What is ONE thing you can do to move in that direction?

The more inner work you do, the more you realise how much of your sabotaging beliefs are based on false stories that either you’ve created for yourself about yourself, or someone else has projected onto you. It’s time to say: Enough of that! Jupiter, supported by one-of-a-kind Uranus, and Leo the Lion/Lionness (never one to hide), gives me the image of someone taking centre stage with a huge multi-coloured, flamboyant long coat, saying: “I’m here! I’ve arrived!” Your coat might be a red dress or a snazzy suit or a unicorn onesie, the point is, this time is about being authentically YOU. Being authentically you, having shed sabotaging influences and groupthink, is how you get to that place of feeling more fulfilled, happier and at peace with yourself.

We’re not talking here about being self-centred without regard for others. Quite the opposite. The more genuinely connected you are to your true self, the more nurturing and supportive you can be to others in a healthy way. The kind of behaviour we see with extreme self-centredness usually stems from a lack of connection to ones true self – thus a need to get attention and validation from others.

The world is going through massive upheaval and transformation, and for those in the thick of this awareness it can sometimes seem trivial, irrelevant or impossible to focus on yourself and personal life. However your personal life is where your true power lies to create change, to live it and to be an example of it. When the old systems, cabals and cartels collapse, what remains? There has to be something there. You are a part of that something. You are a part of creating something new. So while it’s riveting at the moment to be living in the midst of revolutionary times, don’t forget to actually live the life you are fighting for. If you want to be part of the movement that helps usher humanity into a whole new way of being and living, be an example of that new reality.

Moving on to Uranus, it’s a week to expect the unexpected. Flashes of insight coming out of nowhere, blasts from the past getting in touch, and things happening from left field that leave you thinking “Well, I didn’t see that coming!”

For some, because Jupiter is the benevolent planet, this unexpected event could be fabulous: unexpected abundance, a sudden opportunity, a door opening that you thought was closed or didn’t even know existed.

For others, because of the Full Moon in Aquarius that’s ruled by Uranus, the unexpected event (or realization) could be very emotional – an ending of some kind occurs or you receive news that shocks. Again, the Epstein documents will fall into this category as more and more pieces of the puzzle fit together, and it becomes impossible to ignore that this person or that person is involved in very shady goings on.

Global Events

From childhood experiences, family patterns and cultural pressures to mass media/entertainment “social programming” and global elite/government/intelligence operations created to influence our behaviour and opinions, we have been well and truly living in a matrix.

It isn’t “negative thinking” to accept this. It’s liberating, because once you know you’ve been living in a non-organic, not-natural construct, you can act accordingly and do what you need to do to beam your way up and out of there.

This is what it means to see behind the veil. It’s not just about acknowledging the presence of a greater non-physical reality. It’s also about acknowledging the presence of a “reality show” reality that has been constructed for us, without our knowledge or permission. There has been one world for us – that of left/right politics for example, and another for them – puppet-masters pulling the strings, giving us an illusion of ‘choice’ when ultimately a very, very few people control the majority of governments and media organizations, and control the global storylines that play out day after day.

And then there is door number 3 that leads to another world. The door that has been hidden from most of humanity for literally thousands of years. Hidden, yet it’s been within us the whole time. In that world, we are in our power as free humans. Our true world is natural and evolves organically. Reality is what we make it, not some manufactured show keeping the 1% at the top of the power pyramid at the expense of the 99%. There are people living in this organic world right now – hopefully you’re one of them! None of us are entirely immune from the other worlds, yet as you watch them collapse know that it is not our “Door number 3” world that is collapsing. It’s the manufactured worlds that contained both the controlled and the controllers. The truth coming out now about those worlds is the bridge leading the way forward for all humanity.

On Friday (9 August) the Court started unsealing the first lot of Epstein documents, almost 900 pages. (Update: 2000 pages have now been unsealed, still being published on the cloud). To be clear, this is BIGGER than just one man. Politicians, members of royal families, celebrities, and other wealthy, elite members of society are mentioned here and in the rest of the documents. This was part of a massive, global blackmail ring created so that the powerful can be owned and influenced. And it’s even bigger than that but unsealing these documents is a start to unravelling the whole sick mess.

As more truths unravel, we can start to untangle ourselves from a world that was, and wasn’t, real. Was real in the sense that we lived in it. Wasn’t real in the sense that many people who we looked up to, celebrated or aspired to be like, and humanitarian initiatives we supported, were not who and what they presented themselves to be.

It’s devastating and liberating all at the same time. If you’re new to the devastating part, you will definitely find yourself going through some pretty tough emotions the more you discover. Know that there are a LOT of people out there who’ve had their awakening process, gone into shock under the blankets, gone through the anger, numbness and despair, and come out the other side ready to hold your hand through it all.

This is where the Q operation has been such a powerful tool. While the media tries to label it a conspiracy nutter’s hoax, it is the only thing I’ve seen to wake up SO many people in such a short time by getting them to do their own research, and connect their own dots. It’s a movement that has helped people come together and collate their findings. The Q posts aren’t telling anyone what to think (unlike the mainstream media). Rather they are constantly reminding everyone to think for themselves (if you pay attention, you’ll notice that mainstream media actively discourage people from doing their own research into things). The Q posts ask questions, drop clues, and then the massive anon community go seek out the answers, everyone finding info here and info there until a very clear picture emerges. If it is a hoax, well….it’s one that has awakened and united millions of people worldwide to the truth.

There is so much noise out there now telling you what to think, how to feel, what to do or not do – and very little tolerance for those who think differently, feel differently or act differently.

On the one hand we can’t help but be influenced by things we see, hear and experience. On the other hand we have to sift, sift and sift some more through all these things to determine: what here do I truly resonate with? What doesn’t sit right with me? What feels true?

Role of the Media

In a recent message I wrote about The Sandman, throwing sand about, interfering with everyone’s ability to see clearly. The mainstream media (see Operation Mockingbird) are unfortunately foot soldiers of The Sandman. When the majority of media are all using the exact same words all of a sudden, or are all focused on a very specific message on any given day, you can guarantee that they’re following the same issued press release agenda of the moment. It happens in waves, topic after topic, from entire scripted news broadcasts to a few bite-size main words or themes, enough to stir the hornet’s nest and capture the public’s attention.

These talking points are designed to steer narratives a certain way, create division, agitation, distraction and confusion. This is not journalism. This is a PR machine gone power-crazy, owned and controlled by a very, very few people, intent on influencing millions of people's thoughts, feelings, opinions and behaviours with an agenda that has a purpose, and desired outcomes.

When you watch an ad you know you are being sold something. When you watch a movie you know that it's a scripted story for your entertainment. When you watch or read the news, you expect it to be truthful and well-researched - or at least that's what we expected once upon a time. When you wake up out of our collective reality show, you will watch the news or a news-type show and clearly see how it is no different to an ad or a movie.

Alternative news broadcasters and independent researchers, including regular people of the QAnon movement, have a catchcry: “We are the news now.” We had to become our own news broadcasters because true investigative journalism is as rare as finding a needle in a haystack. Not due to any lack of hunger from journalism graduates, but due to the controlled system they graduate into – and it has been controlled for decades.

As much as possible, don’t buy into the divide and conquer strategy. We’re living in crazy times where people are being pitted against each other, fighting in the sandpit. Meanwhile the crooks have been raiding the candy store right in front of us!

There has been a battle for control of our minds and emotions, yet battle isn’t really the right word to use. It suggests fighting, but then that’s like saying that the darkness is fighting the light. Yet light doesn’t need to fight – when you turn the light on in your room, or light a match at night, boom, no more dark! So really, it may feel like a battle, but actually it’s about the light remembering to switch itself on.

(c) Dana Mrkich 2019

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